What I Ate Wednesday No.25

I can’t believe this is my twenty-fifth WIAW!

So once again, thank you to the fabulous Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for creating this brilliant concept to bring together a community every Wednesday like this, I am incredibly grateful!

As most of you know I am back at uni and I have been trying to throw myself into life here this term. I’ve joined the book club and the yoga society, I’m hoping to also get involved in some baking.

Before I start filling you in with my uni eats, I just want to say that the shape of my posts might change a bit over the next few weeks. I’m going to have to learn to cope with the heightened pain and exhaustion that uni brings and I have some major life decisions to make. It’s not going to be easy so things might be a bit sporadic for the next couple of weeks and at times I might sound a bit ‘down in the dumps’. I’ll get there though!

Anyway onto the most important meal of the day:

My usual bowl: weetabix mush with raw jumbo oats mixed in and a handful of frozen strawberries. I know I say this week after week but I love my breakfast. There’s not often anything more appealing to me in the morning – sad I know. My sister and boyfriend think it’s just slop in a bowl 😉 I’m just addicted I think, I could easily eat it twice a day. Confession: sometimes I do!

I spent the morning in a really brilliant lecture, it is times like that whenI realise just why I love this subject so much. Who wouldn’t want to see a photo of their lecturer photoshopped onto superwoman’s body??

Lunch was quick because I have had a ridiculous number of meetings etc to attend but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious.

Avocado on toast. Simple, fresh and delicious. Just with a simple shake of salt and a drizzle of lemon juice.

This afternoon after yet more meetings, I finally had some time to stop and sit down. (And work). I’m loving my modern literature so much this term, it’s really fantastic, it’s by far my favourite module. I look forward to the lectures every week aaaand they’re at 9am. Hardly typical for that to be a hit with students 😛

I have been snacking on little (and sometimes not so little) nibbles of chocolate since being here. It’s dark chocolate but not at all bitter so I love it. And it’s the chocolate I remember my mum buying when I was little so it has nice memories with it 🙂

This evening I had a bit of a minor calamity.

I was meant to be going to the uni cake soc baking session. I was so excited. It was a big jump for me, I hate having to figure out transport and get terrified of situations where I don’t know anyone at all. But I’d completely psyched myself up and was raring to go.

Then I went to the wrong bus stop…

And ended up having to miss it 😦

I’m horrendous with figuring out bus timetables and the like but I was so disappointed. I really wanted to go this first week of term because it’s a good time to start!

I need my own personal in-built sat navor something!


Anyway moving on 😛

I was pretty pleased with this. It’s essentially pan-fried courgette, tofu marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil and spices, served on a mix of red and white quinoa. It was so good, seriously I haven’t made myself something I’ve enjoyed as much as this in a long time 🙂

Anyway I am thoroughly exhausted, I have a lot to get through this week and I need my sleep!

Had any recent disasters?
Are you good with directions and finding your bearings?
What’s the best dish you’ve cooked recently?




  1. Sounds like quite the busy day! Sure ended on a delicious note with your dinner mmm!
    I bet it was hilarious seeing your professor’s face photoshopped onto superwoman’s body haha 😉

  2. I’ve been craving chocolate, esp. dark chocolate with almonds to be specific. I’m horrible at directions too. Good thing I have an app for that. Haha. Have a great night!

  3. That tofu and courgette sounds lovely! That kind of thing happening is something I have anxiety dreams about so I can understand your feelings with missing that bus! Try not to worry though there’s always the next session and you’ll be fine!

  4. I’m glad that you’re enjoying your course – that’s definitely more than half the battle. Good for you for deciding to join some societies – I think it’s a great way to meet some like-minded people. It’s a shame you had to miss the first one, but hopefully you will make it next week 🙂

  5. Your dinner looks lovely, I’ve got a block of tofu I’ve been avoiding for a few weeks which needs eating asap. Can’t believe your uni has a cake soc!!!! And a yoga soc. That is amazing. My uni is severely lacking in societies. Don’t worry about missing the first one, and be proud that you at least almost went…that’s definitely the biggest battle won!

    1. I’m really bad with tofu, I’ll buy a block, cook it once and then forget about it! I know I’m quite lucky with the number of societies here 🙂 Haha I think you’re right, I’m definitely going to try and make next week!

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