11 Things.

Earlier this week the lovely ladies Laura and Tessa tagged me in their 11 things surveys and as I love surveys I thought I’d give it a go 🙂

Here are the survey “rules”:

#1: You must post these rules.
#2: Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
#3: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

So, 11 things about me:

1. I love to dance.  I had ballet lessons from aged 3, and took lessons in modern theatre and contemporary for a while. I even volunteered as an assistant teacher in the younger classes for two hours every Saturday morning for a couple of years. I only stopped about four years ago because of my condition. Not many people know that I used to dance.

2. The part of my facial appearance that I obsess about the most is my eyebrows. I always have incredibly neat eyebrows. They are always neatly plucked and shaped. I pretty much always carry my eyebrow pencil and comb with me along with my eyeliner, mascara and lip salve. Like I said, it’s an obsession. If I could change them I would make them more arched, unfortunately to do that I’d have to pluck them really thin and I hate super thin eyebrows!

3. I love to collect notebooks, pretty paper, journals, pads… I have more than most people could find use for but I love them. I write lists, I organise things, I find inspiration, I jot down random musings, I write (really) short stories. I always carry a notebook and a pen on me, I’m lost without being able to scrawl quick little notes wherever I am.

4. I love to bake but I don’t get the chance as often as I’d like. I’m desperate to have a better kitchen so that I can try out some new recipes, there are tons of baked goods I’ve never even made once and I just want to learn everything I can!

5. I used to hate the fact that I have very curly hair, when I was in my early teens I often used to straighten my hair (which takes about half an hour!). I guess we always want what we don’t have at some point in our lives. However now I love that my hair is curly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I think curly hair is the best when it’s styled nicely 🙂

6. I adore buying people presents and it’s not a purely generous, selfless thing! I just love spending ages coming up with ideas for people’s gifts and then going shopping for them. Of course I also love the moment when you see their reaction upon opening your present too.

7. My mother is French, she’s from Northern France and my grandparents and uncle still live over there. We go to France several times a year, both to visit them and to go on holiday and I love it. My maternal language is French although my English is stronger through living here. I love having the mixture of the two cultures and being fluent in two languages has great perks!

8. One of my favourite quotations is an ancient Chinese proverb ‘The more you know, the less you need’. I think it is just so true. It can apply to all kinds of knowledge; academic, spiritual, nutritional, physical, knowledge about yourself, about happiness, anything…

9. Although I’ve been an avid reader for many years I haven’t always loved reading. When I was little I used to hate learning to read, my parents used to scold me when I practiced my reading with them because I used to just make the story up to go along with what I saw in the pictures! It was actually Harry Potter that got me reading in Year 3 (aged 8) and from then on I devoured books. I’d read several classics already at age 11.

10. Continuing with that theme, I also haven’t always loved to eat. When I was little I was a ridiculously fussy eater, there were so many foods I didn’t like! I would be sat at the table for hours with veg on my plate refusing to eat. But my mum persevered, she carried on trying to get my sister (who was also really fussy) and I to eat new foods and she succeeded. Now I love to eat and I love trying new foods, there are in fact very few foods that I really don’t like 🙂

11. I have now been suffering (un-diagnosed) for almost 5 and a half years with chronic pain and it has changed the shape of my life. It could be arthritis, it could be fibromyalgia or ME or something else entirely. For the moment the doctor is treating as fibromyalgia. Until the age of 14 I had never been to hospital, now I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been there. I don’t know what the future holds for me, I don’t know if I will be able to do all the things I dream of doing. It all sounds terribly negative and in many ways it is: I’m always in pain, sometimes in agony, and I’m exhausted most of the time. However, it has taught me so much, and it has made me view life and the world in a completely different way. And I can truly say that there are some positives: I’ve learnt to become an optimistic person – I always try to find the positives in life, I don’t take anything for granted anymore because I know what it’s like to lose something that we all take for granted, I value my health more than ever, and I understand and care more for the people in society who have some kind of disability! Life is what you make of it!

Here is a mixture of the questions Laura and Tessa asked:

1. What is your dream travel destination?

I’ve always had a dream of traveling around India, I’m not entirely sure where it comes from but I love Indian culture, art and food. It would be such an amazing experience, I really hope I get to go one day! (Second place has to go to Rome, I’m desperate to visit the city as I adore Italy and it is full of amazing things to see and do)


2. If you were throwing a party for yourself what would be your theme?

Oh this is a fun question, I’d love to have a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed dinner party. It would espouse my love of Shakespeare, nature and delicious food. Just think how beautiful it could be – wreaths and garlands of greenery, flowers everywhere, dozens of candles, silk spreads, beautiful clothes and all sorts of gorgeous mezze…

3. What is something you never leave the house without?

I never leave the house without my phone, my lip balm, my kindle, my hand cream and a pen and notebook. (I’m aware that that is more than one thing!)

4. What workout are you currently loving?

I’ve only just started getting back in to my workouts after some time off but at the moment I’m loving my upper body and core strength workouts.

5. Tea or Coffee?

Coffee. Always with milk. And preferably a flavoured syrup too 😉

6. What would be your “last meal?”

My last meal would have to involve pasta, of course, so probably a vegetable spaghetti dish and for dessert an apple puff pastry tart. A simple meal but one of my all time favourites.

7. Sum yourself up in 5 words…

Caring, passionate, generous, optimistic, determined.

8. If you could go back in time, which time period would you visit?

I would love to go back in time to the Elizabethan era, I’d love to see Shakespeare’s plays as they were meant to be performed (English nerd!)


9. Who would be invited to your dream dinner party?

Shakespeare (obviously), Jane Austen, Mother Theresa, Queen Victoria, Mary Woolstonecraft, Charles Darwin, Maria Callas, Pavarotti, Aneurin Bevan, Harper Lee, and of course Tom. It would make for some truly fantastic conversations!

10. What is a weird and/or interesting quirk you have?

Weird and/or interesting you say? Well a weird quirk I have is that I set one of my alarms to be 20 minutes early so that I make sure I stay on time and I know when it goes off in the morning that if I want to I can have an extra lie-in till my phone goes off. I’m not sure that’s terribly interesting though 😛

11. What is a goal in life you are striving to achieve?

I want to get a good degree. If I get through uni and manage to achieve a 2.1 or a first then I will be over the moon because physically I am really struggling with day-to-day life, let along with my work and it will be a huge achievement for me!

Now for my 11 questions:

1. What is your favourite thing to bake?
2. Who is your favourite fictional character?
3. Arts or Sciences?
4. What is your main goal for 2012?
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?
6. Strength training or cardio?
7. Favourite quotation?
8. Which famous person would you most like to meet and why?
9. Sweet or savoury?
10. Which film do you always turn to and why?
11. What is your greatest achievement to date?

And I’m going to tag these fabulous ladies:

Emily @ What Emily Did Next

Sarah @ Every Day’s A Picnic

Leigh @ PeanutButterNutter 

Anna @ Food Fitness And Frolicking

Chloe @ LightOnMyFeet

Danielle @ The Oxford Comma

Now it’s your turn, answer whichever questions you fancy, I’d love to hear your answers!



  1. What a fun post! 🙂 I love buying presents for people too! It’s just so much fun seeing that all that thought you put into it pays off in the end. And theres nothing better than a simple apple puff pasty tart to end a meal. Preferably a la mode 😉 So yum.

  2. Sophie you’re such an interesting person 🙂 I loved reading these 11 things about you! Have you ever read the blog Fibromy-Awesome? (http://25pillsaday.wordpress.com/) I started reading it lately because the writing is hilarious, but I thought you might enjoy reading it too. I hope this wasn’t a weird or rude thing to say!

    Thanks so much for tagging me to do this! x

  3. Ooh, thank you for tagging me. I’m looking forward to filling it in tomorrow when my working week ends, haha. 22 things is an awful lot to think about…

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream themed party sounds AMAZING, I will make this happen at some point during my life!

  4. I loved this Sophie. I am really happy you are 5 years free of chronic pain. Those posts all about it were really good reads and it made me just want to hug you. I love your curly hair and you DO have some very amazing eye brows if I do say so myself 😉 haha

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