Home Again

It is so good to be home again after a weekend at my grandparents.

I love them to bits but things aren’t exactly comfortable in their house, it’s incredibly stuffy which always gives me a permanent headache.  But I am always glad to see them and I really enjoyed spending the weekend with my mum. I also do like going back to France, the culture is such a strong part of me. And of course, it’s so important to make the time to be with family, I owe my grandparents so much for everything they used to do with me when I was little, the least I can do is pay them a visit!

Aren’t my grandparents stylish? Although I’m pretty sure they have no idea that their coats are fashionable or that knitwear is very ‘in’ .

This is my last week at home for a while. I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Just being away for the weekend has left me feeling drained and zapped of my energy. Plus I’m going to have to spend most of it working so it won’t be particularly enjoyable.

But anyway, enough of the down talk!

I’m going to work really hard this week so that I go back feeling good and ready to start the new term. I want to get ahead on my reading too, otherwise when I’m hit with the exhaustion of that first week back I’ll get behind. Plus the first week I’m there is ‘Refreshers’ Week’ which, for all of you who have no idea, basically means that we get another Freshers’ Week to start off the new semester.

So in other words: lots of club nights which I’m not that bothered about and another Freshers’ Fair which I’m really looking forward to because I want to sign up for a ton of new things!

This term I’m also hoping to finally get some volunteering work sorted out which would consist of a morning/afternoon a week spent in a nearby primary school helping individual children with their reading. I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve missed working with children lately and I think it’s a fantastic opportunity! I’ve never worked in a primary school before (I’ve helped in a nursery, used to assist teaching ballet and work for a summer holiday art scheme) plus this sort of work can give me an idea of what teaching at primary school is like. You never know, maybe a possible future career…

This afternoon when we got back I did some research for my modern lit essay on Middlemarch. If it wasn’t for the stress of the looming deadline I think I’d quite enjoy it, I love the topic and the critical works are fascinating (lit-nerd alert).

To motivate myself I’ve been listening to Defying Gravity quite a bit lately – It’s such an uplifting song.

This evening we had one of my favourite dinners:

This is another of Mr Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals. It’s basically salmon cooked with peppers and spring onions, rice, a courgette salad and guacamole. I promise there is actually salmon on that plate, it’s just hidden under some guacamole. What can I say, I like my guacamole! This meal was cooked pretty much entirely by my dad, although my mum does a lot of the cooking at home, both of my parents are in fact brilliant cooks.

I know, I’m lucky. I have to make the most of it this week because then it’s back to cooking for myself for nine weeks…

I have some meals planned out already though so that when I get back then I can just buy the ingredients and not have to worry about coming up with meals when I’m exhausted. In a way, I’m quite looking forward to being independent again, I do rather enjoy cooking when I find the energy. Plus being able to eat when I’m actually hungry, and not worry about when other people want to eat, is great.

Anyway I’m off for a phone date with Tom, we haven’t actually spoken in days! It’s been a week and two days since we last saw each other (who’s counting?) and I miss him so much already. I don’t know how I’ll manage the next few weeks!

Do you still see your grandparents (if you’re lucky enough to still have them)?
Any fun or interesting projects on the go? Any volunteering?
Do you plan your meals in advance?

By the way, I was so pleased that I inspired a bunch of you to read with my last post! It really is an excellent book, I recommend it 100% 🙂



  1. The ‘Wicked’ soundtrack powered me through revision for my AS levels!!! Uplifting indeed!
    The volunteering sounds fab! I’m starting my placement tomorrow…eek!

  2. Your grandparents look very sweet! Their coats are incredibly stylish 🙂 I only have one grandma now, and I see her every few weeks, as she only lives a 40 minute drive away.

    That meal looks absolutely incredible. I’m craving salmon and guacamole now! In my third year of uni I planned my meals quite a lot, I actually found it really satisfying to plan out a week of meals based on what I had already.

    Aw Sophie helping children with their reading sounds like a wonderful thing to do 🙂 I’ve recently applied to do some volunteering in my area, and I’m actually off to a meeting about it in the morning.

  3. That picture of your grandparents is just so lovely 🙂 and how stylish they are too! Seriously I like those kinds of coats a lot
    And wow, what a meal too! the colors are lovely and obviously that whole thing is quite healthy
    My mom’s parents are still alive and we see them a few times a year, I am so thankful for that!

  4. That dinner looks amazing! I love the combo of salmon, avocado, and red pepper.

    I only have one grandmother alive and I only see her about once per year. Your grandparents are adorable!

  5. what a wonderful blog this is. 🙂
    i have a really young family (my husband’s parents are the same age as my grandparents) , so i have three grandparents and a great-grandma. my grandparents on my mom side have kids my age and younger, so my great-grandma was always more of a grandma figure on that side of the family haha. i don’t see them nearly as often as i should though! my poor grandpa is always calling me trying to get me and my hubby to come over. this blog made me stop and be more appreciative of him, so thank-you!

  6. Aw, you’re grandparents look so sweet and adorable!! That’s great you’re going to volunteer and read to children! That sounds like a great opportunity. I meal plan all the time! I’m a huge planner actually. I even have the the rest of this month and next month all meal planned out!

  7. Adorable grandparents! They certainly are stylin’. I only have one grandparent left, and, hmm, I’m trying to politely say “She’s not my favorite person,” so let’s leave it with that. I don’t go visit, but I’ll see her when she’s in the state visiting my parents. And roasted red peppers and guacamole! I want a plate full of just that…

  8. I like to meal plan 🙂

    I do see my grandparents sort of regularly. My grandma and I like to go shopping and get pedicures together 🙂

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