Back to the Hard Grind

Hello there lovelies!

Today may be Saturday but for me it feels like back to work 😦

Now that Tom has gone and most of my friends are back at uni I have very little to do other than work and so work I did.

I have a presentation to write and I’m trying to make my accompanying slides as interesting as possible so that people focus on them instead of me – presentations make me nervous!

It’s on the English Canon, specifically focusing on how it is dominated by male writers and looking at some female writers who managed to be included, such as George Eliot.Β Anyone happen to be an expert? πŸ˜‰

I actually really love the topic so at least I’m really enjoying researching it!

Lunch was a nice healthy brain boost – poached egg, toast with olive oil and fresh salad with a balsamic dressing. Obviously followed by one of yesterday’s cupcakes πŸ™‚
It would have been a crime not to really. And they’re still just as good today.

This afternoon was more work and lots of reading. I’m in love with my kindle in case you hadn’t noticed. All these free classics. Plus so much more comfortable to hold with my bad wrists. I’m devouring books again like I used to and I love it.

I will have to do you a review soon on my newest favourites.

This evening I plan on catching up on the last Nigel Slater episode, I love his cooking. His books are so well written too, you can really tell he loves food.

Have I mentioned lately that I now have 12 cookbooks. Apparently this isn’t normal for students? I can’t say I’d noticed! I’d happily have many more πŸ˜‰

Dinner tonight was one of my favourites:

It’s essentially a tomato and onion tart and it’s delicious. I adore pastry too, pretty much any kind. In fact I think I might venture into the land of pastry and have a go making some myself some time soon. I’ve never made any other than mince pie pastry!

I always admire people with the ability to make pastry, especially puff pastry. I’m envious of all of you who make your own instead of buying it ready-made like me. I think it’s one of the signs of being a true chef.

Anyway I’m exhausted as I didn’t sleep much last night (too much crying :-P) so I’m off to do a quick ab workout and then I’m going to get a nice early night πŸ™‚

Do you make your own pastry?
Any really good books that you’d recommend for my kindle?



  1. Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything is a great cookbook! Also, I am reading and enjoying Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s Deliciously G-Free, which is a brand new gluten free cookbook.

  2. I’m sorry you’re having a bit of a tough time adjusting back..but as always, you are not alone! Like I said in my post, transitions are so hard! But I’m so sure that once you’re back into the swing of things at uni everything will be okay!

    I love the looks of your beautiful lunch and dinner! I’m a huge fan of sweet or savory pastries!

  3. I wish I could make my own pastry! And that is a beautiful poached egg! I can’t cook eggs to save my life for some reason. Which sucks because I eat them every day, but practice makes perfect! I like reading my kindle better than a book too! Can’t wait to see what you read πŸ™‚

  4. oh sophie….I want your food every time I come here….I know I always say it but seriously, can you please come make me a poached egg??? and YOUR OWN PASTRY! that takes a special touch and talent.

    I have NO help for you on your work slides….sorry. Book wise I need a new one myself.

  5. Aww girl I am sorry you are having a bit of a tough time adjusting back to everything 😦 It will get better though, I promise this, and the weeks and months will go by before you know it! I know that is the advice you are hearing all over the place, but it helps me a lot when I think of it!
    And gosh your food looks divine! Just so elegant and tasty of course!

  6. Love poached eggs. I never really enjoy a whole egg, just the whites but there is something about a poached egg…one of the few ways to cook and egg where I enjoy the yolk.

    I don’t make my own pastry. I can’t STAND rolling anything out. That’s why the majority of cookies on my site are all drop cookies.

    1. I’m not a massive egg fan either but for some reason I really like poached eggs.
      Haha I wonder what it is about rolling things out that you don’t like?! Drop cookies are brilliant anyway πŸ™‚

  7. Your meals look delicious. I like the look of the onion tart, but pastry doesn’t really agree with my stomach. I’ve tried making pastry a few times, but it’s never worked out. Seeing as I don’t really like it anyway I’ve given up.
    I hope you’re feeling a bit better today xxx

  8. Love your lunch and dinner. They look beautiful and so delicious!

    I get pretty nervous when I give presentation too but I love the feeling when it’s over. Good luck on yours and I’m sure you’ll do great! πŸ™‚

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