Another Goodbye

Today is two things.

First, it is my Dad’s birthday, which is lovely.

Second, it is my last day with Tom for several weeks, which is, well, not so lovely.

So I have to say I’m feeling a little low this evening. And there have been a fair few tears.

But at least I’ve had a really wonderful day with him and we did some nice things together.

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of fruit and fibre and a glass of orange juice. It kind of ended up being brunch really as Tom woke up a good hour before me but let me sleep (haven’t I got the best boyfriend!?) . We lounged around most of the morning and it was just so nice to cuddle and relax with him!

We spent the afternoon indulging in one of my favourite activities (and again proving that I have the most wonderful boyfriend ever)

Baking! And specifically: cupcakes!

They’re just so much fun to bake. And obviously pretty fun to eat πŸ˜‰

I love baking, I just find it soΒ therapeutic and it’s fun creating things. And Tom knows how much I love cooking so he always indulges me. We baked chocolate cupcakes and then made chocolate buttercream icing. So so good.

And reason number three why Tom is the best boyfriend? He did all of the washing up!

Then it became time to say goodbye. And the tears started. I couldn’t even stop them. I tell myself every time that I’m going to be strong but it never works. I start sobbing the moment I realise we’re about to say goodbye. Tom’s used to it by now, but I think even he gets a bit emotional.

At least I didn’t have long to dwell on it because we gave our Dad his presents and then went off to the restaurant for a meal out.

It was a really lovely restaurant. Quite small and although it’s fairly expensive, the decor is stylish but understated and the atmosphere is really relaxed.

To start I had Scottish smoked salmon with a micro salad and a sweet mustard sauce. It was very pretty as you can see, and the sauces were lovely but the salmon wasn’t my favourite. Perhaps there was just too much? Still a nice starter though.

My main course on the other hand was amazing:

I can’t even remember what everything was exactly but all of it was absolutely delicious. All of the other main courses were meat dishes and what the restaurant does is come up with a new vegetarian dish each night. And I obviously struck gold today! On here there is a mushroom couscous, baby vegetables, a spinach stuffed tomato, a potato and aubergine pie, a layered potato gratin, a goats cheese puff pastry tart and, my favourite thing on there, a mushroom and tomato stuffed courgette.

Seriously haven’t had a dish that good in a long time!

Dessert was pretty amazing too though:

Doesn’t it look beautiful? That my friends is a baked pear tart with vanilla ice cream and a lovely sugar dome. It was really quite tasty even if I didn’t manage to finish it after two courses.

A really quite pleasant restaurant experience and I would wholeheartedly go back there.

Now I am going to say goodnight because I am really starting to feel tired and I still feel a bit down, even after such a nice meal.

Are you any good at saying goodbyes without crying, unlike me?
What’s the best meal you’ve had out recently?



  1. awww too bad for no tom time 😦 and HAPPY BDAY DAD!!! and I loved your cute little cupcakes. That baked pear is marvelous!! is that crystalized sugar in a cage???????? how did they do that?!?

    1. Thank you – he appreciated the message!
      It is, doesn’t it look amazing?!
      I think they drape some kind of caramel or toffee back and forth over a plastic dome/bowl and let it solidify πŸ™‚

  2. That dessert looks so decadent! I suck at saying goodbyes, too. Every time when summer break ends, the last day I weep like a little baby haha. Just be strong girl cause you’ll see him again before ya know it πŸ™‚

  3. Aww – I’m sorry you’ve been feeling low, but it sounds like you had an amazing last day together! I’m used to goodbyes now as Peter and I have been living apart for over 5 years, but I still miss him.
    That meal look delicious, especially the main course πŸ™‚

  4. I’m always the same when it comes to saying goodbye to my boyfriend – it almost gets harder every time, doesn’t it? It’s always good to have something nice to do afterwards though, and that meal looks delicious!

  5. Right there with you, girl! Gingie left me today too and I don’t think I’ll see him until March. Absence makes the heart grow fonder though, right?! Let’s mourn together ❀ **hugs**

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