It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas + a What I Ate Wednesday Special!

I can’t believe it’s already the 21st.

How did it arrive so quickly?

Everything feels so magical now!

Only one more day till my dad is on holiday;I’ve spent days with my mum getting things ready; I’ve spent days curled up with my gorgeous boyfriend, Tom; I’ve met friends; I’ve put up Christmas decorations; I’ve cooked Christmas treats; I’ve eaten delicious and comforting food…

All in all my time at home so far has been simply wonderful.

Yesterday Tom was round nice and early and we started the day together by curling up on the sofa together (I was still half asleep anyway!) and just enjoying the fact that we are together again and have a whole month in which to see each other. It’s crazy how much I miss him during the term and some how the Christmas holidays just feel even more special than our normal reunions.

But the best bit of the day? Taking a trip down memory lane when we decided to go to a little group of farm shops that we used to go to at Christmas every year as a family. And they always have a Christmas marquee: AMAZING. It is just the loveliest place and for me it is a very important part of Christmas so it was lovely to share it with Tom 🙂

Doesn’t it look lovely?

We also enjoyed some delicious milkshakes in the cute little cafe:

I had the most wonderful day with Tom, I really couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s so amazing to be able to share the Christmas build up together, nothing really feels better than being surrounded by your loved ones at this time of year. I’ve gone from being homesick and frankly sometimes downright miserable to full of happiness at everything around me, I really am blessed with my family and with Tom.

Sorry to be so mushy on you all, if you don’t like Christmas then I suggest you come back to my blog after the 26th!

So now it’s time to join in another sort of party…

So thank you once again for this Jenn, your WIAW is one of my favourite ways to find new bloggers and connect with everyone else posting their food for my slightly voyeristic I mean purely nosy tendencies at this time of the week!

Today’s WIAW is less of what I ate today but more an amalgamation of meals I’ve been eating lately which are particularly wintery, comforting, and of course delicious:

A raspberry and almond bake I had (along with a latte – of course) when in town meeting with two of the loveliest girls in existence :-).

Dinner the other night which was divine: mustard and tarragon chicken, hand-cut homemade chips and fresh salad. It was a perfectly balanced meal in flavours and in healthiness.

Definitely a comforting meal. Pasta bake with roast ham, cheddar and peas. There is nothing like some simple, home cooked, almost child-like, food to warm you up and just make the cold weather outside seem like a distant memory.

Greek yogurt with pear and granola. Enough said.

Raclette: a French meal of cold meats, boiled potatoes and melted cheese. A true comfort dish and just right after a day of cold weather and Christmas preparations. It may not be health food. It may not even be halfway good for you. But it’s a dish for sharing, it’s a social meal and it’s perfect for being as a family. It’s just what we need at this time of year. And if I put on a couple of pounds over Christmas but I’ve had a wonderful time with the people whom I love the most then I won’t even care!

Raspberry, peach and mango juice.

Chorizo, spicy hummus and rocket in a brioche bun served with skin-on chips. It was delicious. And all the better because it was shared with my lovely mother and sister in town today. We had a lovely meal and it was so nice to be able to chat and relax together.

Isn’t this pretty? It’s book art which we saw in the window of a little book shop in town and I thought it was really clever, it’s so delicate and beautiful.

Sisters together again ❤ We may bicker quite a bit, and we’re worlds apart in our tastes but we do have great chats and she’s the person I find it easiest to giggle with!

Anyway I’m exhausted so I’m going to head off to bed but I hope you’re all having a fantastic week and enjoying the last few days till Christmas 🙂

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?
Favourite Christmas food?
What have you got left to do before Christmas?

Sophie x



  1. Sounds like your havin’ a great time! All your eats look so delicious! My mouth is literally watering. That book art blows my mind and the tree picture is gorgeous! Best thing I’ve eaten recently is loads on homemade bread! I’ve got a lot of bread recipes coming soon haha. And Christmas makes everyone so warm & cheerful! I love reading your post; it really gets me pumped for this time of year! 🙂

  2. Such a pretty photo of you & your sister 🙂
    That book art is awesome, how do people come up with that!? Loving the juice combo.
    yummy wiaw eats definitely outstrip my eats. Fave thing I’ve had this week was tonight’s dinner, chicken & mushroom vol au vents!

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