Mrs Dalloway.


“But then if he can conceive of her, then in some sort she exists, he thinks, and advancing down the path with his eyes upon the sky and branches he rapidly endows them with womanhood; sees with amazement how grave they become; how majestically, as the breeze stirs them, they dispense with a dark flutter of the leaves, charity, comprehension, absolution, and then, flinging themselves suddenly aloft, confound the piety of their aspect with a wild carouse.” 

Page 48

Virginia Woolf



  1. I love Mrs Dalloway. I’m not usually a massive fan of modernist works, so it was a huge shock. My overriding memory is that it evokes June perfectly, so I’m trying to decide whether I should read it before finals to keep my spirits up, or read it afterwards, during June, and revel in the month and revel in the freedom.

    Have you read her essays? They’re my favourite of Woolf’s writings.

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