Busy busy.

Why hello there!

I’m warning you there, if this post ends up being just a big, long, incoherent ramble then I apologise, I’ve only had four and a half hours sleep and it’s been weeks since I had more than six or so consecutive hours  a night so I’m starting to slump into an exhaustion…

But I will make an effort to stay chirpy for the next four and a half days and then I will be home and can finally get some decent sleep. Scratch that actually, I should be able to get a good night’s sleep on Friday as Tom will be here then and I always sleep better when he’s here.

Today I woke up, went to a meeting, had another brief meeting, got some books out from the library, went to two lectures and came back here ready to collapse! But even if they are exhausting I like busy days, they feel so much better spent than lazy days. Didn’t leave much of an opportunity for work but I’ll read before I go to sleep, as you may have guessed, I’m really enjoying Mrs Dalloway, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who fancies a new read.

Today’s eats have been a little sporadic, breakfast was eaten quickly so no time for a photo but when I came back from my first meeting I grabbed a snack:

I quite like these although I do find them a bit chewy. I guess that is to be expected from a raw bar, I’ve never been a huge fan of bars and energy snacks anyway.

Lunch was a lovely, light and fresh meal:

My favourite stir-fry. It’s not the cheapest selection of veg but it is so fresh and nutritional. It feels so healthy to eat. Yes I know, the meal isn’t balanced. Yes I know, the meal isn’t big enough. But sometimes I just want a bowl of slightly crunchy, deliciously light vegetables. I don’t really think it’s a crime.

Anyway three of my flatmates were having friends over tonight for drinking and so junk food so I knew I would be indulging in quite a different selection of food later.

This afternoon when I got back from my lectures I had another light but tasty meal:

Toasted seedy bread with taramasalata and chopped carrots. I do like my veg,  my right now I’m definitely going through a taramasalata phase! It’s creamy fishy goodness 😛 I can’t believe how many people hate the stuff. In my family my mum and I love it but my dad and sister hate the stuff, maybe it’s like marmite?

So yeah I’m now sat on my bed writing this and just outside my door, some of my flatmates along with a few friends are playing ridiculously loud music, playing beer pong and yelling… Normally I wouldn’t have any problems with people enjoying themselves in my flat but right now I’m exhausted and fast becoming increasingly grumpy!

So I’m going to say goodbye before I moan at you too much.

Only four and a half days till I’m home.

Only twelve and a half days till Christmas.

I am unbelievably excited!

How has your Monday been?
Obviously no one prefers just one but on the whole what is better, a non-stop day or a lazy day?

Sophie x




  1. Just noticed your new banner! Not quite sure if it’s new but then I guess I just never really paid that close attention, but I like it! All your foods look simple but delicious like always 🙂 Have a great Monday/rest of the week! 🙂

  2. I can’t say no to a lazy day. I think I’d go stir-crazy if that was all I ever had, I do like a good nonstop day from time to time, but if every day could only be ONE, yeah, lazy. That bowl of simple greens looks so good! Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a bowl of veggie, and then it tastes sooo good.

  3. I like to have a mixture of busy and lazy days. On balance though I’d say I like busy days better. I’m crawling up the wall after more than a couple of lazy days.
    I oftewn eat lighter meals when I feel like it, but my eats usually balance out for the day or week, so I don’t worry about it.

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