One more week to go!

Hey there! In less than one week I shall be home!!

Okay so I lied on Friday. I honestly wasn’t feeling fantastic yesterday and consequently did not eat much so or take any other photos so I didn’t see the point in attempting to write something only to give you a rubbish post.

Anyway today I’m feeling mostly better and even made it into town to do some Christmas shopping. I now only have two more presents to buy :-). The beauty of the internet means I’ve already ordered both my mum’s and Tom’s presents and today I managed to find something for my sister. I love shopping for presents, there is something just lovely about searching for the perfect gifts to give each person. I really hope everyone likes their presents!

Breakfast this morning was my usual bowl of weetabix mush but this time with a variation. Instead of the typical frozen raspberries I pour on top I decided to try something else: frozen blueberries and strawberries. (Okay I’m lying, they didn’t have any raspberries left when I went food shopping yesterday!) I also went for a sprinkle of raw oats over the top too, you know to make my life a little more exciting 😛

The trip to town was good but it decided to pour with rain pretty much the entire time I was there so no time to enjoy just wandering around. Luckily my companion enjoys coffee shops almost as much as I do so we took a break first for lunch:

I got my old favourite, pita with hummus and guacamole. I can’t help being repetitive – it’s so good! I adore guacamole and for me, this sort of dipping food harks back to when I was little. When my sister and I were younger we were both incredibly fussy eaters so once a week, on a Saturday evening, my parents would sit down together and enjoy the food that they loved and we’d sit on the floor in front of a video, more often than not Disney, and eat what we called a ‘tray dinner’. Basically a plate of chopped raw veg, pitas and half a small bag of crisps each along with some dips. For us it was almost more of a treat than for my parents. We used to love tray dinners! And so whenever I eat dips in any shape or form they remind me of those meals and of the excitement of going to the public library once a week on a Saturday to choose a film to watch that evening with dinner :-).

Anyway enough reminiscing. Back to today and the awful weather. The only good thing about the rain was that town was perhaps a little less busy than it might have been. But that’s only a small comfort really, I hate the rain almost as much as I hate snow and ice!

Our second break was for coffee:

A praline skimmed latte. Hot. Just what I needed at this point. Nothing like being warmed from the inside out. I think hot drinks are really growing on me – I even had a hot chocolate the other day! Still prefer my hot water bottle if I’m at home though, I might even use it tonight. The cover is woolen and has little sheep all over it. Sigh 🙂

This afternoon when I got back I got straight to work. Will you believe it, I’ve hardly had any essays to write this term and now I have 8000 words to write over the holidays (four separate essays) and a presentation to write and practice! So not only do I have a cocktail night on Tuesday and lots of goodbyes to say before Christmas but now I have lots of work… Joy! Sorry, I shouldn’t really complain, it’s just that I know the likelihood of my doing much of it this side of Christmas once I’m home is quite slim (umm, hello! Christmas preparations to do!) so I want to start now. At least I have access to the library back home so I’ll be able to get in some secondary reading and not have to worry!

Right now I’m off to meet a couple of friends so I’d better say goodbye. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Have you done your Christmas shopping?
I’m usually so much more organised than this, I’m usually one of those people who has most of it done by December 1st, but it’s more difficult now that I’m at uni!

Anything fun or exciting happening this weekend?

Fewer than 15 days till Christmas!!

Sophie x



  1. Sophie your photos just keep getting better and better. Delicious breakfast and pita lunch!

    I’m glad you’ve gotten some of your Christmas shopping done..I have too! I love being able to order gifts makes it so much easier!

    I’m bummed you have lots of work ahead of you, but just try and enjoy it!

    Merry almost Christmas!

  2. AHH I’m so excited only a week and 1/2 of school left for me! I know what you mean about finding the perfect gift. It’s just so fun and exciting I can’t wait for my loved ones to open them. Pita with hummus and guac never gets old. I used to eat try dinners too. But not healthy ones like raw veggies and hummus (I wish!) but rather the kids cuisine frozen dinners with very processed chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, and brownies with icing and sprinkles. Ew I ate so unhealthy haha. But this week will go by fast, just keep your head up! 🙂

  3. I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet and I’m starting to worry! I think that I’m going to set aside Wednesday afternoon to do it after work.
    The pitta bread and dips sounds wonderful. I often eat the same thing when I’m out because I’m worried that I would be disappointed with something else!

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