A Wonderful Weekend

Oh I do love being at home.

The warmth, the delicious food, the familiar surroundings, the comfort, the lovely company.

Every time I come home from university I realise how lucky, how blessed I am to have a lovely home and a wonderful, supportive family.

It always makes me feel nostalgic.

Enjoying breakfast on the place mats that I’ve eaten off almost every day for the past few years.

The lovely jam my mother buys in France because you can’t get this make of blackberry jam in England.

Eating the traditional Jewish bagels that we buy from the local corner shop because they taste that much better than supermarket bought ones.

Being able to eat a simple meal with an interesting a relaxed conversation, no one having to make a special effort or act in a specific way, everyone just able to say what they think.

Eating salad without the fear of not being able to eat it all in time and it going bad in the fridge!

Baking with wonderful, fresh ingredients.

Being able to bake with my sister again, my lovely baking companion 🙂

Just having fun, messing around, relaxed because it doesn’t matter if you make a fool out of yourself, no one is judging you.

Having my French side brought out, living with a mix of both of my cultures.

Getting into the Christmas season, beginning all of the preparations and indulging in some Christmassy food (that’s a chocolate St. Nicholas – the French celebrate his day on the 6th December and it means a lot to my mother who brought these back for my sister and me).

Enjoying two of the things I love the most combined: Christmas and baking. The first batch of homemade mince pies and the first batch I’ve ever made the pastry for myself.

Chatting away with my mother and being able to talk about how I’m feeling.

Having big family hugs 🙂

Watching TV together and enjoying each other’s company.

Eating delicious, home-cooked food made with good quality ingredients in a real kitchen.

Spending time as a family, enjoying a good meal and just talking about life.

Feeling like you belong, feeling at home, feeling loved and appreciated.

This is why I love being home. Being away has made me realise even more just how lucky I am and just how much I love my city, my neighbourhood and my home.

Thank you to my family for such a lovely weekend. I really can’t wait to be back for a whole month in just two weeks time!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too 🙂

Where is home for you, is it still the house you grew up in or do you have a new place that feels more like home?
What do you love most about home?
Are you starting your preparations for Christmas?

Sophie x



  1. What a lovely post, Sophie!

    It warms my heart that you’ve had such a wonderful weekend at home! I love pretty much everything you do about being home! I love the familiarity of everything in the house, I love the relaxed conversations, I love expressing just how I feel and not feeling like anyone will judge me, I love baking, I love my dog, and I love my parents.

    I am so excited fro Christmas too!

    PS Do you speak french?

  2. Aw I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself this weekend 🙂
    All your eats look yummy!! They also do especially when you go home I’ve noticed 😛
    I am soooo excited for Christmas! I love all the lights and decor up around my neighborhood!

    1. Thank you lovely!
      Yes that’s very true, my parents are both brilliant cooks and I when I cook at home I get to use much better ingredients in a better kitchen so my food’s better too 🙂

  3. You do indeed have the most wonderful looking food when your back home! How lovely that you made the mince pies from scratch. These are my fave Christmas treats but I always but them every year…maybe this year I will attempt to make them!?
    Home is wherever my family is 🙂

  4. Aww what a sweet post! I still call my Mam and Dad’s house home even though I haven’t lived there in years but I feel well settled enough now in the flat I share with my hubby to feel that its my true home 🙂

  5. It sounds so nice to be home! I live it home but I know I’ll feel the same way when I move out next year. I’m going to miss my kit hen, family support, and of course my bed!

  6. One of my favorite parts of going away to college was how it changed my relationship to home, and to my parents. It made me appreciate them/it so much more…basically what you just said. Glad you’re at home and happy!

  7. Wow what a wonderful post Sophie… I hope this weekend home gave you a bit of a boost to finish out your last two weeks with flying colors 🙂 And I agree with Kiah, college strengthened my relationship with my family and made me appreciate home so much more

  8. Aww reading this post made me feel a little bit home-sick (but not in a bad way though 😉 )
    Actually “home” for me are the people, more then the place. I grew up travelling so I never got tied down to one particular house or location. But my family is really what makes any place home.
    Although I am slighly sentimentally attached to my mug, warm bed and fuzzy sweater back at home. I leave them there just so I can fully enjoy them 😉

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