Productive Days Make For Happy Days

Well I’m pleased to say that today felt a lot more positive.

It helps that I started the day with one of my favourite flavours:

Cinnamon! I love the spice, it’s just so comforting and perfect for the colder, wintery weather. It works so well with weetabix too, it just stirs in really well into my mushes.

I woke fairly early this morning to go meet with my tutor to talk about my essay and I’m feeling a lot more confident about writing it which feels good :-). She’s really lovely, she always asks how I am and takes consideration of my condition. She even lent me a book called Essentials of Early English which sounds great.

After my meeting I decided that I wanted to treat myself so I went to the Costa on campus. I decided to try one of their new specialty lattes and went for the roasted hazelnut one. It had a lovely taste of sweet hazelnut but I felt that it distracted from the taste of coffee, it wasn’t strong enough for me. Maybe ask for an extra shot of espresso next time? It felt good to have something a little luxurious and it allowed me the time to read with nobody and nothing to distract me. The blogworld is just too distracting 😛

Lunch was just lovely. I had a big bowl of stir fried greens. Delicious! It felt so healthy and fresh, definitely going to be eating it again this week.

In the afternoon I had a two-hour drama seminar. I never know how I feel about drama. I love reading plays, I adore going to the theatre but acting, well it makes me nervous. As a child I loved it, I did my first Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) in primary school and I continued to act until about halfway through secondary school. But for some reason I stopped enjoying it. I started getting nervous just in rehearsals, let alone on stage, and I wasn’t finding it fun anymore. However having said that, our drama workshops here are quite good. Everyone is friendly and willing to give it a go and I don’t feel too uncomfortable.

The only negative thing today has been the pain. I really think I’ve done something to my thighs and knees :-(. I just really hope I haven’t torn anything. My right knee is particularly bad, at times today I’ve hardly been able to put any weight on it. And this has frankly irritated me! I had made plans to go to the gym, I really wanted to get back in there after a week away. I’ve been wearing a knee support all of today and I’m really hoping if I rest it for a couple of days I’ll be able to get to the gym on Friday. Time will tell…

Now rather than end on that note I’m going to share with you my absolute favourite snack of the moment:

Organic low-fat vanilla yogurt with frozen raspberries. I’ve eaten it twice today it’s that good. The frozen raspberries cause the yogurt to start to freeze around each one and it just tastes divine. I think I need to get a new pot of yogurt, it’s only been two days and it’s almost empty!

What’s your favourite snack at the moment?
Do you enjoy theatre, either watching it or taking part?
Any fantastic upper body workouts you can link me up to would be fantastic!

Sophie x



  1. I love frozen berries and yogurt/soy milk, like you said i love how it semi freezes. yum yum.
    My favourite snack at the moment is….gherkins. Straight out of my 1.5kg jar. I don’t know where the craving has come from but I’m currently obsessed. I’m glad your tutor was lovely, they can be so intimidating sometimes but often they are really helpful. Hope you haven’t damaged anything in your legs and that you’re okay in a day or two! xx

  2. I agree with you on cinnamon…best thing to add to breakfast! Yogurt messes with fruit are my fave snacks at the moment. That’s great your enjoying drama…this was a dreaded subject for me in both primary & high school!

    Hope you make it to gym on Friday 🙂

  3. I love frozen raspberries too! There’s just something so tasty about the extra crunch 🙂
    Hope your leg feels better, that’s a bummer. I hate mystery injuries like that! Oh and I have some upper body routines on my workout page if you wanna check some out! 😀

  4. Your raspberries look yummy. You should try greek yogurt as well if its available- it’s texture is more like cream so it feels more luxurious 🙂

    Drama… I like you used to love it but around mid high-school lost all my confidence and thus couldn’t really continue. I still like to think one day I will act in a play… maybe!

    And I look forward to hearing some upper body workout ideas… apart from being a runner, I’m a bit of weakling in the upper body area!

    1. I love greek yogurt but I can’t get hold of organic AND low-fat vanilla flavoured greek yogurt here unfortunately 😦
      You should definitely go for it! I bet you’d enjoy it so much more now that you’re not under the pressures of the school atmosphere and away from the bitchyness that comes with it! 🙂

  5. Sophie, it sounds like you’ve had a great day! I love that you treated yourself to a special coffee drink, even if it wasn’t strong enough 🙂 I like my coffee super strong and not sweet so I think we’re on the same page 🙂

    I’m sorry you’re still having some pain in your legs, but I hope it gets better soon! Cheer up!

    By the way, your photos are beautiful..the lighting is fantastic!

  6. Hmmm favorite snacks lately are crackers, pretzels or tortilla chips, or apples & nut butter.

    Sorry to hear about the pain – my favorite upper body exercises are plank, push ups, and with weights – hammer curls, bicep curls and triceps extensions.

  7. I was a member of a youth theatre when I was a teenager, but I wasn’t a very good address and I never got good parts 😦 I still love going to the theatre though.
    My favourite snack at the moment is rice cakes topped with something nice – marmite, nut butter or fruit spread are my favourites.

  8. Glad you’re feeling more positive. I love days like that, and that are productive. And loving cinnamon.

    I’m sorry you’re suffering with the pain. Hope it improves soon xxx

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