The End of a Lovely Week

What a wonderful end to the week. It’s been so good to be home again and spend time with friends and family!

This morning I started my day in the best possible day:

Drop scones drizzled with honey, topped with raspberries, and then sprinkled with icing sugar. Delicious. My sister made them, she is the pancake queen, she makes easily the best pancakes.

I spent the morning relaxing. Something about being home lets me relax so much more, part of me always feels ever slightly on edge when I’m at uni. Even when I’m on my own in my room I never feel completely at ease. I’m not really sure why, it does sound a bit strange when I think about it. I guess I just haven’t settled in completely yet.

Lunch was a Chicken Caesar Salad :-). It was so good to have a light, fresh meal, I don’t often eat lettuce at uni because when I buy it I never manage eat it all before it goes off. That’s the problem with just cooking for one, there are lots of meals that become unfeasible either because of practicalities or cost.

I spent time doing some reading as well as some sleeping this afternoon. I’ve become like a child again (or an elderly person), I’ve been taking naps with increasing regularity lately!

This evening we went out to the restaurant as a family. It was really lovely to spend the time as the four of us and to just enjoy a meal together 🙂

For my starter I had crispy squid with rocket and a chili salsa. It was really good and I adored the presentation! What a cute way of serving the food, the little mini frying basket and the wooden plank, I know some people don’t like novel sorts of presenting food but I think it works really well.

My main was even nicer: vegetarian pasta with sun-blushed tomatoes, wild mushrooms and spinach. It was absolutely delicious! I’m ridiculously full though this evening, I always struggle to eat everything at restaurants, the food is somehow so much more filling, the portions so much larger than the food I eat at home.

It was a really fantastic way to spend the end of my week at home. It’s been so good to be back, I feel like myself again and I feel like I’ve been able to relax properly for once. I’m so thankful for my family. I love them all so much, I know I am really lucky to have all of their support. My parents are always there for me, they always want to help and they will stand by me no matter how much I struggle. Although I enjoy my independence at uni, I do really miss all of them!

Anyway I’m off to bed, I want to actually get a good night’s sleep before I go back to uni. I need my strength in order to manage the journey tomorrow.

How do you feel about meals out at the restaurant?
Do you like to try something new or stick to what you know?
I normally do the latter!
What are you thankful for today?

Sophie x



  1. I can never really finish food at restaurants…portions can probably feed 2 people. I always used to order the same thing when eating out but now I tend to try something different!
    I love your starter.
    Have a safe trip back to uni 🙂

  2. I always pick the strangest thing on the menu so that I get an experience. Why spend a lot of money on a meal I could have made myself at home? Maybe for the labour in making it…but generally, I like to experiment.

  3. I feel the same as you, I am never truly relaxed in my uni room. I think it’s because there’s a constant reminder that I have work to be doing? I can always chill out at my boyfriends or at home though, or if I’m out on my bike or for a walk.

    If it’s a restaurant that I know and love I stick to what I know, but if it’s a new place then I try to branch out a little. The squid looks soooo good! I’ve not had seafood in an age 😦

  4. I LOVE eating out but I find it expensive. I stick to what I know if it’s something I’m craving but I’ll usually try something new if it intrigues me

  5. Those are all great eats! Sounds like you had a very good day.

    I love getting my favorite meal at my favorite restaurants, but sometime I like to try new things just to see if I like them or not.

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