A Very Tasty Sunday

Hello my lovelies πŸ™‚

I hope you’ve all been having fantastic weekends, I know I have!

I started the day with a long lie in (almost till 11am shock horror!) as I didn’t manage to get to sleep till gone 3am…

But the day picked up and today has definitely been a day of food.

How delicious does that look? Breakfast was a cinnamon raisin bagel topped with raspberry jam and served with a side of fresh raspberries which my wonderful parents bought especially for me :-). I’ve really missed fresh berries, although I’m quite pleased with my frozen ones.

This morning I spent some time reading the introduction (it’s a really really long one!) to Henry IV Part 1. I still can’t decide whether I like Shakespeare’s History plays. I’ve been finding the lectures really interesting but on reading each one so far I’ve been finding the texts a little dull. I definitely prefer the tragedies and comedies at any rate!

Lunch was something I haven’t had in an incredibly long time, a roast dinner πŸ™‚

Roast chicken with roast parsnips and potatoes and cabbage all topped with gravy. Delicious. Just the sort ofΒ home cookingΒ that I’ve been missing!

Finished with pretty much my favourite dessert of the season:

Apple crumble with a little natural yogurt. I helped my mum make it in the morning –Β I loved being able to cook with her. My mum is my main cooking inspiration, she used to get me to cook with her when I was little and she taught me to cook in the last couple of years πŸ™‚

The afternoon was spent doing some more reading and then some relaxing with my kitty on my lap. I’ve missed Poppy’s company, she’s so affectionate and she used to always come and sit with me whenever I was in my room.

I don’t think she liked me scooping her up to have her picture taken but she’s just so cute πŸ˜› (excuse the crazy no-makeup photo!)

Earlier I decided I wanted to bake but as it was quite close to dinner I figured there wasn’t much point making something sweet, it wouldn’t get eaten so I went with savory. I made some cheese straws:

And even if I do say so myself they were a great success – really tasty! It felt so good to be baking again, I’ve missed it. I have plans for some more baking tomorrow…

What’s your autumnal (fall) food, sweet and savory?

Sophie x



  1. Cheese straws?? Where have those been all my life! I need to make some asap. All your eats look delicious! Roasting is by far the best cooking method for veggies. I seriously want every single thing you ate right now. Oh, and once again prettiest cat everrr<3

  2. Ooh that all looks wonderful!!!! You should share your cheese stick recipe. I would definitely make those πŸ™‚

    My favorite autumnal foods? Oh gosh I don’t know. I love everything that we eat at Thanksgiving…especially my family’s stuffing recipe and pumpkin cheesecake!

  3. Your hair is sooo pretty, m’dear!

    Hmm, autumn food. I think slow cooker dishes are great, as well as anything with dark greens or apples. I don’t really love warm apples in sweet things (crisps or cobblers, etc), but in quick breads or savory dishes I adore them.

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