November Goals: Looking Back and Looking Forwards

Well first of all can I just say all of you are amazing!
The comments I got on yesterday’s post were really helpful, supportive and kind. It was great to read that so many of you feel the same and equally nice to read that those of you who are/were party animals said that you had never had a problem with people not going out 🙂

So yes, thank you, I love you all!

As I promised yesterday I changed my breakfast up this morning:

My current obsession: vanilla flavoured natural yogurt. Delicious!
Eaten this morning with a handful of raw oats and a banana 🙂

This morning I have to admit I didn’t do much. I have this stupid cold, I know, how many times can a person get ill in a month?? Anyway I had a bit of lie in and luckily I didn’t have any lectures today!

On the plus side all of today I have had some serious DOMS for the first time in weeks and weeks. It felt great! I’m glad I managed to get two workouts in yesterday.

Lunch was a nice, quick, easy meal:

Tomato ravioli with a sprinkle of Parmesan. It took less than two minutes and it was just the sort of thing I needed.

This afternoon I nipped into town again to pick up a couple of things that I didn’t manage to get yesterday (milk, frozen raspberries, english muffins) and have coffee with a friend.

Then this evening I went round to Trelawney’s for a flat party for her flatmate’s birthday. However, as I’m not feeling well and I know drinking is a bad idea when I’m ill so I came back nice and early 😛

Anyway moving on. Today is the 1st of November, I cannot believe we are in the penultimate month of 2011! And as it is the start of the month it’s time for my monthly goals.

First, here’s a look at last month’s goals:


I think I fulfilled my food goals quite well. I have definitely been eating much more protein and I have been cooking quite a lot lately so I’m pleased with myself.


These goals didn’t go so well. Because I’ve been quite ill for the past couple of weeks I haven’t managed to get up and exercising as much as I’d have liked. I did manage to try out a spin class and I’d like to try out a few more classes. I’m planning to talk to my GP about it tomorrow.


I have definitely been trying to throw myself into uni life. I’ve been out with friends a couple of times, I’ve spent time with people on my course, I attended several opera society sessions and I plan on sending in an article to the magazine. I haven’t managed to get a volunteering position yet but I have emailed the coordinator of an English project with primary school children and she is going to email with the details soon :-).

In terms of working around the pain, it hasn’t been going very well lately, I’m struggling a lot physically but I have seen the GP and we are going to work towards getting me a better quality of life at university.

So now onto this month:



Cook healthy dinners. I want to make sure I carry on eating cooked dinners every evening that I can. Lunches can be quick and easy but as I enjoy cooking I want to make sure that I carry on learning and enjoying my food.

Snack less. Since being at university I have definitely put on weight, mostly through a lack of exercise but also because of the snacking I’ve been doing. So I want to watch what I eat throughout the day and try to get back into shape.


Workout at least 4 times a week. This was one of my goals last month but I want to carry it on. I feel like I’ve made progress recently and I want to carry on this way. Like I said in the goal above, I want to get back into shape and lose the weight I’ve put in since arriving here!

Try out another exercise class. Pretty self explanatory, I’d really like to try something new this month. Maybe even Pilates 🙂

Do more strength workouts. I’ve been slacking on my weight training lately and having DOMS again today I’ve been reminded how much I enjoy lifting weights so I really want to get back into it.


Find something I love doing here. I have to tell you that I this week I decided to quit Opera. I haven’t really been enjoying it lately, the music is not really my sort of thing, the group was lovely but quite cliquey so I didn’t feel like I was going to make any friends from it and physically I don’t think I would have been able to take part in the performances. So I want to find something I enjoy. I want to sing, I really miss it! So I’m going to try to get involved in a choir and see how that goes.

Learn to adjust. This is very similar to last month’s goal. I am not dealing with the pain or the physical struggle. I need to admit this to myself and find a way to deal with it. I need to be able to live as much like other students as I can. I want to be able to be normal.

So there you have it. My goals for the month. I’m not pushing myself too much but there are a few things I want to do. I think my overall goal is to improve what I’m already doing and build on my goals from October.

Do you have any important goals this month?
Any challenges that you are going to face in November?

I think I have some of my first assessed essays due this month: scary!!

Sophie x



  1. Great job on the goals! And I’m lovin the new ones, you’re gonna rock em my friend 😉
    My only goal this month is to spend tons of time with family when thanksgiving break comes!

  2. I think you did pretty well with your goals. You can’t expect to achieve them all, though if you do even better! I just push mine back a month usually if I think I can attain it the next month. I like your goal of finding something you love. That’s so important to keeping yourself happy! One of my goals this month is to maintain fitness even though I have an injury. It’s going to be hard, but I think it’s doable!

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I think it is, it’s what makes life worth living in my opinion!
      I’m sure you’ll succeed in it, you have such a great attitude and are determined enough to achieve whatever you strive for!

  3. Great goals! but don’t try to take on too much. You are in school aren’t you??? that’s sooo busy! but YAY for increasing your workouts. hope spin goes well for you. I finally figured out how to add you to my blogger blog following 😀 so now I can visit more!

  4. Sorry you have the flu! I’d say you did pretty well on last’s month’s goals 🙂 yay for doing more strength workouts, I’ve been doing more of this since my injury!
    I like how you want to build on from your October Goals. That’s definitely something I want to do this month too.

  5. Great goals! Coping with your pain, going to school, and exercising is a great deal of work. You mention that you feel that you are not dealing well with your pain – in my experience – the best way to improve how I was dealing with or coping with the pain is to reflect on what I did well and strive to improve that. When you evaluate yourself, concentrate on what you did well and figure out how you can continue to do that, or improve on it. If your mind takes you to the thoughts on how you did not deal well, just stay there briefly. Just stop there long enough to find a way to change that direction, what could you do differently? Then go back to rewarding yourself on what you did great! This might sound vague – but it works!! Hope you can continue to “deal” awesome!!

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