What I Ate Wednesday No.14: A Productive Day At Last!

I love Wednesdays!

I start early and I’m done by 10.30am which means I have the whole day to get things done and it’s WIAW πŸ™‚

I know I say this every week but I really do love Jenn’s creation!

Breakfast was a quick weetabix mush before rushing off to my 9am lecture. Weetabix is definitely what I need for early morning starts, I couldn’t stomach anything else!

Although I find it difficult to get up early I like starting first thing in the morning because it means I can get lots done before lunchtime. I managed to tidy my room, do my laundry, and get lots of reading done. Being productive is such a positive boost.

Something else was a boost too: my lunch!

Angela from Oh She Glows’s 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. Oh my word it was delicious! I didn’t have any basil (silly student food budget!) and I added some parmesanΒ cheese but other than that I just followed her recipe. Mine doesn’t look as smooth and creamy as Angela’s (nor are my photos as gorgeous) because I don’t have a foodΒ processorΒ here, just a hand blender and it didn’t want to make a smooth sauce but it still tasted absolutely yummy!

This afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment so I got to meet my new GP. Because my condition is quite complex I have to go back for a longer appointment next week but I was quite impressed by how proactive he was. It’s quite rare to get a doctor who really wants to sort things and is as thorough with your medical history so I’m hoping for good things πŸ™‚

This evening Trelawney and I decided that we needed a morale boost and so armed with our 2 for 1 voucher off we went to Pizza Express for dinner. It was lovely to have a nice meal out and have a distraction from everything, plus the food was pretty good!

I got a Verdure leggera pizza which is where in order to make the pizza a bit lighter they cut the middle out and fill it with salad instead :-). It included a topping of tomato sauce, red and yellow peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, rosemary, sweet baby onions, mozzarella and garlic oil. It was really delicious!

To finish off the night I indulged in a bit of a treat:

A Baileys latte :-). Coffee in the evening probably wasn’t the best idea but it was only about 7.30pm so I figured the effects would have worn off by the time I go to bed…

Another reason I love Wednesdays? It means we’re halfway through the week!

Can you drink coffee in the evening or would you just not be able to sleep?
Best thing you’ve eaten today?

Sophie x



  1. I agree with you getting things done lifts my mood! That’s great to hear you’ve found a doctor that is willing to do everything they can to help you out.
    Your lunch and dinner look fab. I’m not a coffee drinker in the evenings. If I am going to drink anything at all it would be some sort of tea…less caffeine. It’s almost the weekend πŸ™‚ Enjoy the rest of the week.

  2. I have actually just recently become addicted to coffee πŸ˜› so I have no data as to whether or not I could fall asleep after drinking it …lol

    I want to come live /w you and eat all your food πŸ™‚

    PS: Logan says kmfnm[o]=234p[5LPT5

  3. I just had a really great experience with a new doctor as well so I know how you feel πŸ™‚ it’s awesome when I feel like they really want to get to the bottom of things! Best thing I ate today was goat cheese black bean ravioli.

  4. I do occasionally drink caffeine in the evening, but I try not to because sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t keep me up.
    Also, isn’t Angela amazing? I love all of her creations.

  5. All that food looks great – I’ve never tried Angela’s avocado cream pasta – but all of her other creations I’ve tried have been awesome, so I’m sure this was great as well.

    And I’m sure the bailiey’s will help the caffeine wear off ;). Have a great week!

  6. I love coffee anytime of day. I don’t think it keeps me awake, my body must be immune to the affects by this time.
    The best thing I’ve eaten lately is… the really greasy spinach dip last Saturday night at a Halloween party with a garlic bread knot. So good!

  7. I am SO excited that you made the avocado pasta! Isn’t it just the best thing ever? And I love your idea of cheese on top..sounds savory!

    I love your special dessert, hehe. Yum.

    I actually just had a cup of coffee, which I rarely rarely do. I was feeling super sleepy and decided that in order to plow through studying, it was worth possibly being wired all night!

    The best thing I’ve eaten today is homemade ‘cookie-dough’ from Chocolate Covered Katie. If you haven’t tried it yet, you MUST. It’s divine.

  8. oh man, i’ve been wanting to make oh she glow’s avocado pasta for awhile!! yours looks great!
    i don’t drink coffee at night (at least not caffeinated) – i don’t think i’d be able to sleep!!

  9. I’ve never thought of combining avocado and pasta but it sounds, and looks, delicious. Great news about your doctor, I’m glad to hear that he’s proactive and interested. I can only imagine how tricky it must be to find one that understands and cares about your condition :]

    Mmm I love Pizza Express! That pizza looks good. I love the Four Seasons pizza from there. Baileys latte sounds like a well good treat! I don’t sleep well anyway, never really have, so coffee in the evening doesn’t tend to make a lot of difference.

    Best thing I’ve eaten today (even though it’s not Wednesday) was takeaway fish and chips!

    1. It really was good, I’d definitely recommend it!
      Thank you πŸ™‚ It really feels good to have found a doctor who cares!
      I know what you mean, that’s why I ordered it, I doubt it made any difference πŸ˜›
      Mmm I haven’t had fish and chips in ages, you’ve given me a craving now!

  10. Your eats today look so delicious!! I would have gladly traded up πŸ™‚

    The best thing I ate today was coconut milk ice cream w/ cinnamon. It was delicious!

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