Four Again At Last

I have to say having a busy and interesting day really does take your mind off things.

Oh, and a lot of good food!

We went out into the nearby town centre this morning just for a little wander and a shop before finding a cafe to have lunch. We both got chicken and red cabbage coleslaw baguettes with salad and we shared a side of chips. It was pretty tasty 🙂

This afternoon we went for a walk on campus so that I could show Alice around. It really looks so pretty, even when the sky is grey. It’s nice to have an attractive campus because it means going for walks can really lift your spirits and I like working outside. I’d miss green space if I was in a built up area!

This evening my parents came to meet us in town and we had a lovely dinner the four of us. It was really nice to see them again, although being with my family like this has made me feel quite homesick. I don’t want to have to say goodbye again tomorrow.

I’m sure it’s normal to feel like this. I’m sure most students go through very similar emotions but just being as a family again and having that support has made the prospect of being on my own again seem pretty uninviting.

I guess it’s all part of it. I guess the feelings will go away again after a couple of days. I hope so anyway!

At the restaurant I got mushroom fritters with garlic mayonnaise to start. Oh my word, seriously one of the best starters I’ve ever had! It was just the right amount too, I could easily eat another portion tomorrow.

  My mother’s starter looked delicious too, she got a Mediterranean vegetable platter. I loved the bright colours. The chilli in particular caught my eye!

My main was quite nice, not amazing though so slightly disappointing. I got pasta in a meat ragu but it was a bit dry to be honest. Since arriving at uni I haven’t been eating much meat, it’s quite expensive and impractical to get meat for one. So today I decided to have meat at lunch and dinner (very unusual for me!) and to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t anything to write home about. I guess I’m just not crazy about meat. There are other things I’d much rather eat! Plus if I’m completely honest, I’m really not a fan of handling raw meat anyway 😛

Well I’m exhausted and I have lectures tomorrow so I’d best say goodnight.

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend!

If you’ve been, did you get homesick in your first month of uni?
When you’re away from home, what do you miss most?

Sophie x



  1. I was terribly homesick the first few weeks at uni – although I hated admitting it to anyone. I kept telling myself I wouldn’t go home for the weekend, but I kept ending up going home anyways 😛
    However now that I’m making new friends and kind of getting adjusted to it all I’m not feeling homesick quite as much. Sure there are things I miss about home, but I enjoy all the great people I’m meeting here as well. So hang in there, it gets better with time 🙂

    1. I don’t like telling people either, it’s hard to admit you’re not really coping!
      I’m going home in a few weeks and I can’t wait 🙂
      Thank you, I really hope so!
      I’m really glad you’re doing better now 🙂

  2. I’m glad you had a great time with your parents and hope you don’t feel homesick for too long. It’s completely normal to feel that way! There’s no need to worry about it though. At the risk of sounding like a new-age hippy, feeling sad about things like that isn’t something you need to ignore or dismiss. Feelings are necessary and healthy, good or bad :]

    I might have said this to you before about fruit and greengrocers, but if you find a decent butcher you can get very cheap meat. I used to be able to get three big packs of marinated steak, pork + chicken for about £5, and then I could freeze it so it was always there when I needed it. That said, if you don’t feel like you miss it then it’s probably easier to go without!

    1. Yes feelings are definitely healthy, I’m with you there!
      It’s just the support, the comfort and company and the understanding that I really miss.
      That’s not a bad idea although like you say it might just be easier to go without 🙂

  3. I soo understand about feeling homesick, and I am sorry you hare feeling that way! I was incredibly homesick my first year at school, but even am a bit now (3 years later!) I hope you don’t feel like you are alone with this though, plenty of people feel similar. As time goes on, you will definitely get better with the situation and the homesickness will slowly ebb away 🙂

  4. Sophie,

    I’m glad you’re being so honest about being homesick. It looks like you had a lovely afternoon with your family, but I completely understand feeling lonely and homesick. I was just home the other day too and had lunch with my family and felt homesick about going back to school even before I left. I think it’s completely normal and a good thing actual..atleast we love our families enough to really miss them! I guess the one thing that keeps me going is knowing that I’ll be home soon for Christmas break and home for the summer 🙂 Have a great week!

  5. I’m glad to see that you had a great time with your parents, despite feeling homesick. My first few weeks of uni, I thought I wasn’t homesick because I was having fun with my high school friends (a lot of us went to the same college). But then when my parents came, I was so happy to see them that I burst into tears! Very dramatic haha. The first semester is the hardest, but it gets easier.

  6. yummmm!! that food looks amazing.
    i went to school in chicago for two years and was SO homesick. i’m really close to my parents and i missed them a ton. i also missed home cooked meals 🙂
    i hope you start feeling better girl! definitley know you’re not alone in this!

  7. Right now, I miss my friends, my dog, and as weird as this sounds, my life in New Hampshire. My life in Asheville is very different and I want to go home to who I really am! It’s a good experience though, and there’s only 7 weeks left!

  8. Honestly, I didn’t get that homesick while I was at uni. That might be because our terms were really short and I knew I’d be seeing my parents again in 2 months at the latest – but they usually came to see me during term as well.
    That baguette looks delicious!

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