A Lovely Lovely Day

Hello again, fancy seeing you here 🙂

I have had a really lovely day with my sister. It is so nice to be able to spend some time together, do fun things and catch up! I’ve really missed seeing her.

We started our day off with a delicious serving of cinnamon raisin bagels which I bought specially because she loves them so much:

Yum 🙂 And so nice to have someone to chat to over breakfast again. I think the relaxed company is one of the things I miss about home so much. Back home there is always someone there and talking is easy, you don’t feel like you’re constantly having to make an effort!

Late morning I took Alice into the centre of town with Trelawney to show her around and do a spot of shopping.

We ate lunch at that lovely little cafe I wrote about a couple of weeks ago and we each had a delicious plate of warm, fresh pittas with hummus and guacamole. It was simple but seriously tasty.

I also got a strawberry and vanilla smoothie and it was really good, so creamy and fresh. I honestly love this cafe, independent places are so much better than chains!

We trawled some great little vintage places and I found a top hat which I think goes excellently with my cane so Alice had to snap a quick photo, whatcha think?

Obviously after a long spell of shopping (Alice found a lovely vintage top and we both bought new scarves) we obviously needed another coffee break!

Hello gingerbread latte and mini muffins 🙂

We eventually called it a day, got the bus home and have just been relaxing and chatting all evening. We dined on spaghetti bolognese and enjoyed our respective favourite yogurts (flake for Alice, vanilla flavoured greek yogurt for me) whilst watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA – hilarious.

So there you have it, my great day with my sister!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend like me 🙂

Do you like independent or chain cafes better?
Favourite hot drink? Are you a fan of specialty coffees?

Sophie x



  1. Sounds like you had a great day. You’re sister is so pretty, and you are as well! You’ve also got some mighty fine looking eats there. I don’t like coffee at all, but that gingerbread latte looks dreeeaamy.

  2. I agreeee!!!~Independent shops are always better!! Independent to me means that, there isn’t more than like…6 or 7 of those shops. 🙂 My fave place is called URTH CAFFE here in l.a. Their spanish latte is my fave hot drink! And as long as drinks aren’t overly sweet, I’m pretty happy. 🙂 have a beautiful weekend, love!

  3. Top hat is a super cute look for you girl! Mmm that- hummus and pita plate looks great- I love when restaurants/cafes have an appetizer like that.

  4. Aha you look very dapper with your top hat & cane! I love a good vintage shop. You and your sister both have lovely hair.

    Mmm gingerbread latte! I won some proper gingerbread syrup in a raffle once and I use it all the time :] Independent cafes are usually better than chains, there tends to be more fresh food, and more thought put into the menu, with a lot more personal touches than would be possible with a chain. However if I’m starving and want to just grab a sandwich, chains are a good bet because at least you have a decent idea of what the food is going to be like.

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