Are You Sensing A Pattern Here?

I feel like my blog is revolving around the theme of my health at the moment which was definitely never the plan!

But what was the plan was to write openly and honestly and not just to put up a front and act as though everything was positive and perfect so I guess I don’t mind.

My condition isn’t playing a key role today other than the fact that the exhaustion of this life has caused my body to just slump and my immune system to give in so I have finally caught my own little bit of “freshers’ flu” in the form of a heavy cold. Just my luck 😛

So of course, because of my cold I woke up about five times in the night between 2am and 6am and as a consequence, I slept straight through my alarm and woke up half an hour before I had to leave. Not the plan. The plan was to wash my hair and have the time to make myself a tasty, energy-giving breakfast. Oh well, a banana on the go it is then!

So when I got back three hours later I whipped myself up one of my favourite feeling poorly foods:

A bowl of sort-of-overnight oats (read 10 minutes in the fridge) eaten simply with a large sprinkle of cinnamon mixed in. Yummy and comforting with the added bonus of not unsettling my stomach AND spices help with congestion!

I stayed in my room for a few hours and did some reading, funnily enough with an English degree you have a lot of reading to do 😛

Not so funny is the amount you have to spend on said books…the list of core books that we are expected to read week by week is pretty long and today I had to go in and buy the next few: £30!! It’s a good job I don’t go out very often and spend lots on alcohol really.

My third meal of the day (I can’t really define any of them as particular meals – they were all a bit random) was again aiming for comfort:

A whole wheat english muffin toasted and topped with lovely melting honey and a side of strawberries. There is nothing like toast to make you feel better when you’re a bit poorly!

Over the course of the afternoon I also snacked on a packet of my favourite crisps which are only reserved for special occasions (being ill definitely counts!). They are the Walkers Sensations sweet chilli crisps and they are, in my mind at least, sooo good! Seriously though whilst there is nothing remotely healthy about them, they are known as ‘magic crisps’ among my friends because they really do make my mood increase 😛

Anyway enough of the silliness, I’m off to the land of dreams, I’m utterly exhausted. Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend!

What do you like to eat when you’re under the weather?

Sophie x



  1. Hope you feel better soon! This is gross but when I was younger and I had a sore throat, I would always ask for a slurpee from 7-Eleven…this stuff is basically frozen chemical sugar-water. So gross. But hey, we didn’t know about these things back then 🙂

  2. I hope you feel better! I’m sure your crisps will help 🙂 And thanks for your honesty when you write. It’s always refreshing to hear someone speak from their heart.

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