A New Day

Well hello there!

Doesn’t life enjoy throwing curve balls at you? After yesterday’s bad news and unhappy post I decided that no matter what today’s post would be positive!

This morning I woke up and I have to admit I just felt a bit…crap.

But I can pick myself back up and so I decided that I would stay in bed for an extra hour and just let my stiffness decrease by gradually moving my legs and back.

And I did feel a bit better afterwards and so obviously lie ins are a good idea 😉

I’m afraid my breakfast was just a bowl of plain weetabix. Nothing photograph worthy.

Speaking of photography, I don’t know if you remember way back when (I can’t believe it’s been almost four weeks!) I joined a bunch of societies at the Freshers’ Fair and one of these was Photography. Well I got my first email from them and there are some really good sounding classes next week 🙂

So that’s a positive!

And I have a few more for you:

Thank you Julie for the idea of putting my little things on leaves 🙂

Now for the other positive things in my life today:

Apple turnovers are pretty much one of my all time favourite things to eat!

I don’t care how healthy or unhealthy they are.

I don’t care how many calories, how much fat/saturated far or sugar they contain.

They are just so delicious I don’t want to care and I find I just can’t.

So yes if anyone has a quick, easy and cheap recipe for these that can link me up to I’d be very appreciative 🙂

Not all of today was positive but I’m not going to talk about anything negative today, I’ve had enough of negativity thank you very much!

My dinner was a pretty positive thing too:

But then again, when it comes to me anything involving pasta is a positive thing 😛

And to end my day on a positive note I’ve been watching this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b013ytmd/Edinburgh_Comedy_Fest_Live_Series_2_Episode_1/

Not all of it is to my taste but there’s nothing like a bit of comedy to cheer you up!

Now once again I find myself saying another huge thank you for all of your support and your lovely lovely comments. I feel like I’m constantly saying this but it’s because you are just so damn wonderful! Seriously, I’ve never come across a nicer bunch of people 🙂
So thank you everyone, you’re the best!

What food can you always rely on to cheer you up? When you’re eating your favourite (non-healthy) food do you worry about the unhealthiness, the calories etc?

Sophie x








  1. You’re an absolute lovely, I hope you know that 🙂 The fact that you stay so positive is truly an inspiration. If you ever want a proper rant and a moan send it my way, honestly. Don’t worry about feeling crap… you’re more than allowed, and everyone does sometimes.

    Once again your pasta photos are making me hungry. I barely ever eat pasta – possibly because I’m living back at home at the moment and my family rarely eat it, but whenever I see your photos I always crave it.

    Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that calories make absolutely no sense to me, however much I try, and so I’ve given up worrying about them. If I really want something unhealthy, I do struggle with feelings of guilt, but I just have to force myself to get over it. I’m aware I don’t lead the healthiest lifestyle but I try to eat a lot of fruit + veg and exercise a bit, and that’s good enough for me!

    1. Aw thank you so much 🙂
      I really try, it doesn’t help anyone to be too negative!
      And thanks that means a lot, I just might do that!
      I’m very similar to you when it comes to the guilt and just forcing myself past it.

  2. Hmm I can always rely on ice cream to cheer me up! If it’s my fav indulgence food I don’t dwell on the calories/unhealthiness too much- I just enjoy it! It’s not like I”m eating it everyday.

  3. Oh Sophie~I am feeling with you just how difficult it must be to not know what’s up. Although it’s just a “negative” thing, I think that it’s times like these when we grow. 🙂 I’m not belittling your problem either!! Just hope that you continually grow and become stronger. Hang in there, and remember that there’s always hope! If you ever need extra prayer or talks, shoot me an email 🙂 Just a thought, hehe.

    ps: I’m really curious about this wheetabix thing!

  4. I’m sorry to hear you have been having some rough days lately! 😦 😦 – But the way you are always able to stay so strong and positive is seriously inspirational!

    OMG – i loveee apple turnovers!! they’re one of my favorites and brings back a lot of childhood memories. My mom used to buy the frozen pepperidge farm ones from the freezer aisle all the time and they are SO good.

    I came across these apple pie cookies (http://smittenkitchen.com/2011/10/apple-pie-cookies/) the other day and they reminded me of apple turnovers, but a bite sized version. It looks a little labor intensive, but I bookmarked it for one of those rainy days when all I feel like doing is baking 🙂

  5. That apple turnover looks amazing! I think I’m going to have to challenge myself with creating a healthier/ lower cal version. I can’t wait!!

    Also, I’m so sorry about everything you’re going through. I know how rough it is when YOU know there’s something off with your body but you can’t find answers anywhere. It took me seeing numerous doctors over the course of two years before someone finally, actually listened to me, ran more tests, referred me to more specialists, and I was finally diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. All that to say, yes, it sucks when you feel like your body is working against you and no one can help you figure out why/ what’s wrong. Hang in there, love, keep on being strong and with your determination you one day WILL get answers!

  6. I love the leaf idea! I’d have to say cornbread, grilled cheese, or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my staple comfort foods. Sometimes all together 🙂

  7. I’m not a big pastry fan, so apple turnovers don’t really do it for me. I really high quality slice of cake is more my thing – I love cake!
    I love those leaves – such a good idea to write down the positive things to look forward to and enjoy.

  8. I am glad you were able to turn your mood around. I always try to remember to allow myself to be down sometimes b/c it’s healthy BUT then I remind myself that only I am in charge of how I’m feeling so it’s up to me to get myself back on track – so I am really proud of you 🙂 lol

    there are lots of foods that could make me happy but right now all I want is a bite of that turnover 😛

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