Winds Of Change

Hello there my favourite blog readers πŸ™‚

Yesterday’s night out was both a success and a disaster.

Success: Because I had a great time and it was good to spend some time with my flatmates.

Disaster: Because about two hours in I completely did my back in (read sharp shooting pains up my spine) and from then the night turned somewhat sour for me.

However despite that I’m still pleased I went. I’m still not a fan of clubbing (and I doubt I ever will be) but I do want to act my age and have as much of the student experience as I can!

So on to those revelations I’ve been mentioning…

I’m afraid it’s nothing terribly exciting. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but lately my posts have been getting longer and I’ve been exploring slightly different topics. I think that since I’ve been at uni, my new lifestyle has changed the way I want to write and the way I want to blog. My blog is now a window into my new world here for my families and friends. It is a place for me to process all of the new experiences and changes I’m going through. And it is also a place for me to develop my writing style and my ideas.

In this light things on the blog might be a little different sometimes. Of course there will still be food. Food I cook, food I eat, even food I day-dream about. And there will still be features like What I Ate Wednesday and Fitness Friday. These won’t change. What will change is that I might write more about books. About writing. I may write about a current affair or about something that made me think. I want to write more about health too, healthy living as well as things like my condition. I want to write about what inspires me. I want to write some advice posts. I may even write some funny posts (or at least try).

University for me is not easy. I am not able to do everything that most young people can do. But it is because of this, not in spite of this, that I want to make the most of all of these experiences. It’s why my most important October goal is to throw myself into uni life. And these experiences, both positive and negative, will change me, as well as my blog.

But don’t worry. It’s still going to be a blog about my life with food and health and discovery.

It’s still going to be a blog about loving, living and learning.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, criticisms (constructive please!), words of advice or just support πŸ™‚

Sophie x



  1. I hope your back feels better soon. Have you explained to your housemates that you don’t really like clubbing? If you told them that it just wasn’t your scene, I’m sure they wouldn’t be offended if you gave it a miss every now and again, or they might compromise and go to a bar for a night instead? Also the beauty of uni is that if they’re not willing to miss out on their clubbing, there will always be other people who don’t want to go who you can spend time with.

    1. Well my flatmates (bar one), truth be told, haven’t shown much support or even interest in my condition and problems so it’s quite difficult! I’ve got other friends who are much more understanding though so I’m sure in the future we can just go to bars :-). Thanks for the advice!

  2. Aww you look so lovely in that last pic!
    I think it’s great that you’re exploring different topics on your blog- I always enjoy reading it.

  3. I hope your back feels better! I’ll follow along no matter what you blog about – I like reading about your life, not just food! I think your goal for october is a good one. I think it will help you grow a lot! Good luck ❀

  4. I’m sorry about your back 😦 I hope it feels better soon. I am so there with you on the clubbing. My friends try to make me go all the time… I just go along with it, but I’d rather not :/ I don’t see why people like it…

  5. ahhhh may God heal your back quickly! Stay strong my dear~~:) And remember that you are you, and you are beautiful and loved the way you are. I know that uni pressures can get difficult, but I’m sure it’ll get better as you show others your true lovely self! BTW–awesome artsy picture there.

  6. Aw no so sorry to hear about your back, bt at least you got in a bit of fun time before hand. Just follow your heart, relax and if you really don’t want to go clubbing, don’t! Your friends will appreciate you more if you are honest with them rather than going and not wanting to be there girly. Good luck with your goal and journey. btw, your hair is amazing! The ringlets are so gorgeous!

  7. I’m sorry about your back, that would have been so uncomfortable!
    Your blog is your own and I think it’s great that you will be blogging about other things that are going on in your life πŸ™‚
    Lovely photo of you by the way.

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