Pet Appreciation

Hey bloggyboos!

I’m sorry but today I didn’t feel like taking photos of my food.

Actually no. Why should I apologise, it’s my blog 😛

But since I love you all so much and because I’m so so grateful for all of your lovely comments and words of advice I wanted to do a quick post anyway.

Yesterday I spoke to my family on Skype and my dad held up my kitty, Poppy, to the webcam so that I could see her. It made me realise how much I miss my little cat! Is anyone else like that with their pets?

So anyway, sorry if you’re not an animal fan, you may want to give this post a miss…

Isn’t she cute?

I can’t wait to get to pick her up and cuddle her on Thursday 🙂

All throughout my exams she would spend her whole day warming my lap and she was a huge comfort when I was in lots of pain!

On a different note, today I had my first lecture! I had a module called Shakespeare’s Histories and it was really really interesting. I got loads of notes down and I was pleased to find that I was able to keep up. I’ve never read any of the plays we’re going to be studying (Henry IV part 1 & 2, Henry V and Richard II) so I’m really looking forward to learning lots of new Shakespeare (I’m such a literature nerd :-P).

I also had my first Opera Society meeting which was pretty exciting. We played some “getting-to-know-you” games and then did some singing which was good fun. I’m not auditioning for a lead, I figure there is plenty of time for that later when I’m more settled into uni life and I know what my workload is like. They meet every Monday at 5.30 – 7pm so I have to go straight after my Shakespeare lecture but I like having lots to do 🙂

All in all it’s been a pretty good day but I am tired so I’m going to say goodnight.

I hope you all had a great Monday!

What did you get up to this Monday?
Do you have a pet? Are you an animal person?

Sophie x



  1. Oh my gossssh I might just explode from cuteness!!
    I am totally a cat person. My family back home has a cat, and my god do I miss her!!!
    Unfortunatly where I live Im not allowed to have pets in the house.. but even if I was allowed Im not sure I would since I have no yard or anywhere outfit for them to play and I dont agree with keeping cats inside all of their life.

  2. your classes sound so fun! and I love your kitty and the name poppy 😀 I love the pic of her on your legs and the angle of that photo and how she’s looking right at the cam. Excellent!

  3. Poppy is absolutely gorgeous. So pretty!
    I’m such an animal person. But since the hubby is allergic to cats we have a great
    big German Shepherd who is our “kid”. He’s perfect and he loves to cuddle (after
    he’s done trying to nibble your arm). 😉

  4. Glad the lectures started well, Shakespere is so interesting, I didn’t know he wrote those plays though. Aww Poppy is lush, she reminds me of my tortoiseshell kitty Flossie back home, I’m a sucker for cute pet photos – got to love putting xmas hats and stuff on cats!

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