October Goals + My First Green Monster

First things first.

Thank you all so so much for all of your lovely supportive comments on yesterday’s post. It means the world to me that you all care and I’m so unbelievably grateful that I’m part of this wonderful community!

Today I had a good long lie in as an effort to get rid of my headache. It sort of worked. It’s been on and off today but now it’s back with a vengeance.

I decided I wanted to vary my breakfast for once:

I bought myself a packet of whole wheat English muffins from the supermarket the other day and stuck them in the freezer to take out as a special treat.

I felt like this morning should be one of those occasions. I enjoyed one toasted and topped with melted butter. Delicious. A taste of home, almost.

Because I woke up quite late lunch didn’t really happen but as the title suggests I did partake in a new venture…

A green monster smoothie!

I’ve seen them on countless food and healthy-living blogs and I’ve always wanted to try one but for some reason, never have.

Well as I’ve been feeling a little worse for wear I thought that now would be the perfect time. It was pretty good actually. Especially considering the only other ingredients were a frozen banana, milk and a tiny bit of vanilla extract. However I may have used a bit more spinach than my blender could handle so there was a little more spinach texture than I would have liked! Oh well, I’ll know for next time 😛

Dinner tonight was another home-cooked affair. I’m really enjoying cooking my own meals although I do miss my mum’s delicious food!

I cooked myself up a HUGE tasty stir-fry of red pepper, broccoli, tofu, garlic and ginger with a liberal splash of soy sauce. It was quite tasty if I do say so myself and it really was an enormous portion!

From all of these photos it looks like I ate ridiculously healthily and not a lot. It’s a bit of a lie. I have also munched on the last of the cheese straws my parents bought and I may or may not have indulged in a couple of Oreo biscuits. So don’t let the photos fool you!

Now to the main purpose of this post.



Carry on as I’ve been going really. I want to cook a proper meal at least once a day using fresh ingredients. As part of this goal I also want to start cooking things in bulk so that I can freeze portions to save for lunches and days where I’m in a bit of a rush.

Eat more protein. I’m a bit rubbish with this food group. I could happily gorge myself on carbs, fill myself up with healthy fats and inhale copious amounts of fruit and veg but when it comes to protein I’m uninspired. I am eating a mainly veggie diet whilst at uni but I need to get on top of vegetarian food sources. I’m good with tofu and chickpeas. Now I’d like to experiment with quinoa and other sources.


Join a fitness class. Preferably at least two but I don’t want to set the bar too high considering I don’t know what my workload is going to be like. There are loads of great sounding classes at the campus gym which is literally a 5 minute cycle away from my hall.

Exercise between 4-6 times a week. I used to be great at this but over the summer my exercise routine slowed right down and I want to get back into my good habits from before. If nothing else I am determined that uni will be the place that I finally get back into the shape I was in before all of my problems started!


Throw myself into uni life. Despite the fact that I am finding it difficult to adjust and find people with whom I can relate to I am resolute that I will make the most of being here. I know that I am incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and I don’t want to waste it! So I’ve joined several societies and I plan on going to all of the first meetings and I’m definitely going to get involved.

Start or at least plan some volunteering. I say maybe just plan because I’m not sure when all of the volunteering opportunities start but I am planning on taking part in at least one voluntary project. My course involves the opportunity to go into disadvantaged primary schools for one afternoon a weed and either volunteer as an assistant teacher or help small groups of children with learning to read. It sounds amazing.

Find ways to work around the pain. This is in some ways an easy goal and in others incredibly difficult. Back at home I became very good at forming routines where it was easy to avoid high levels of pain but I was still able to live pretty normally. However even after only being at uni for a week I’ve realised that when you’re not in your home environment things are much more complex to manage. My biggest goal for this month is to try to find the right balance. At the moment I feel I am either in much too high levels of pain or I am being isolated by avoiding pain. Hopefully I will be able to move past this and establish a routine which allows me to live a normal life as a student!

Well there you have them, my October goals.

Have you got any veggie protein tips for me?
Have you ever volunteered?
What is your main goal for this month? 

Sophie x



  1. Good for you that you are venturing out of animal protein!
    Quinoa is a great place to start as it offers you a complete protein and it very versatile. You can use it in stir frys or put it in shakes or stuff a mushroom with it. And it’s ready in 15 minutes!
    I have few links to some great quinoa recipe sites, or you can look on the box that you buy as it usually has a recipe website from the company.

    I am an over-volunteerer..I don’t know how to say “no-thanks”.

    My goal for this month is to comment on fun blogs……OK…..check that one off.

  2. Oooh I’m lovin’ these goals. Have you ever tried tempeh? i actually like it more than tofu! It’s a little chewier and nuttier and tastes fabulous in a stirfry or a sandwich. I’ve also been eating roasted soynuts and roasted edamame and both are easy, portable, delicious snacks!
    My main goal this month is to get college applications done and focus on my running!

  3. I love your goals! So balanced. Maybe thinking of beans and nuts for additional protein. Do you do any dairy? That could help with boosting your protein intake too!

  4. I like they way you split your goals up!
    Boiled eggs are a great source of protein + it’s an easy potable snack. Have a pack of mixed raw nuts (I always have a handful or two in the evening).
    I used to volunteer and do night patrol. Which was basically serving dinner and drinks to the homeless.
    Good Luck with all you October goals 🙂

    1. I find it makes them easier to visualise that way!
      Mmm I love soft boiled eggs, I need to go buy some eggs tomorrow, I could do with some nuts too.
      That sounds like a really great thing to do 🙂
      Thank you!

  5. Great goals! Very well-rounded. I definitely recommend tempeh. It’s nutty and has a great texture. Or you could try seitan, which is probably the most meat-like of veggie proteins. I love it, but some do not.
    I do some volunteer work at libraries, and at a food pantry.

  6. WOW you have some monster goals to go /w that monster green smoothie! lol I would try to start smaller but maybe that’s b/c I’m only good at one or two goals at a time. I used to be a veggie and DARK LEAFY GREENS are best for protein. Nuts, beans and soy are good but they aren’t a complete protein. If I can remember the name of the book I used that showed you how to arrange your meals to make up complete proteins I will definitely send it your way!

  7. I love all your goals – I think you’ll have a really fab October if you work towards them!
    I volunteered as a First Aider at university, which I really enjoyed. I got to do something useful, but it was fun as well – I ended up backstage at V Festival one year 🙂
    For veggie protein I eat a lot of beans and pulses, nuts, seeds, quinoa and tofu. I know there are other exciting sources of protein out there too that I haven’t got around to trying yet.

  8. Your dinner looks so yummy, I always love a big ole stir fry yum yum! Good luck with the goals, don’t beat yourself up if you fall short though, there’s a lot of them ;p. The volunteering on your course sounds like an amazing opportunity! Hope you like quinoa, there’s lots to do with it!

  9. I have never volunteered, but I really do want to start.
    I loveee english muffins, they are great as a mini pizza base as well.!

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