Fitness Friday + A Lot Of Food

Hey everyone πŸ™‚

I’ve just got in from a UV and silent disco rave. It was pretty fun but I left early because I was in quite a bit of pain and it just wasn’t exciting enough to make it worth it!

Yesterday evening I decided to stay in with a lovely girl I met and who is fast becoming one of my best uni friends (that sounds cheesy doesn’t it?).

We cooked dinner together:

Whole wheat pasta with garlic and chilli courgettes. It was really really tasty!

I really needed a quiet night in so we watched one of my absolute favourite comedians:

Mr Michael McIntyre! He always makes me laugh, even when I’ve seen him do the sketch before πŸ™‚

All in all it was a nice relaxing night and I woke up feeling much better!

Today I had a lie in (somewhat unintentionally) and then had to rush off to a lecture. It was really interesting and it made me get pretty excited about starting lectures and seminars next week!

Breakfast was my usual bowl of weetabix mush but today I added a big dollop of my new FageΒ GreekΒ yogurt. Yummy!

I had to buy a couple of books (so expensive!) to read before next week, has anyone ever read The Good Soldier?

Lunch was one of my special favourites – avocado on a toasted whole wheat bagel. I just mash up the avocado and stir in a tiny pinch of salt, a teaspoon of dried chilli flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice. Delicious :-).

Today is, of course, Friday which not only means that I get a lie in tomorrow but also that it is time to plan my fitness routine for the week…

Saturday – Upper Body Strength Workout
Sunday – 30 Day Shred
Monday – Cycle (no idea how long yet, I have to find somewhere to go!) + Abs
Tuesday – Lower Body Strength Workout
Wednesday – 30 Day Shred
Thursday – I go home for the day because I’m having an MRI scan so no workout
Friday – To be decided…maybe another 30 Day Shred

Obviously life could easily get in the way, it’ll be my first proper week at uni with my actual timetable so I can’t say for sure that everything will go to plan but I can always try!

Before I left I made myself some dinner.

Whole wheat spaghetti on a bed of spinach, topped with tomato and chilli sauce with mushrooms mixed in and sprinkled with a touch of parmesan. I’m quite pleased with my cooking so far, I’ve made most of my meals quite healthy and I’ve managed to keep things quite cheap too!

I’ve had both a difficult and a really fun week but I am quite glad that it’s the weekend, time for some relaxing and some lie ins.

Have you ever been to a silent disco? What did you think?
What’s your favourite go-to quick lunch?

Sophie x



  1. Your meals look great, I never saw meals like that at uni ever – let alone in the first week lol. I eat a LOT of jacket potatoes for lunch during term time. I usually text ahead and get someone to put it in the oven for me if I know they’ll be home haha. Other than that it’s usually just salads or sandwiches but I toast the sarnies on the george forman to try and make them a bit more exciting.
    I’ve been to a couple of silent disco’s, I loved the first one I went to! it was on holiday, the others weren’t as good and were a bit lame. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  2. Mashed up avocado on toast this is my go to sometimes for dinner when I don’t want to cook.
    I’m impressed with how healthy & delicious looking your meals are at uni πŸ™‚
    Great workout plan for the week. Once your timetable is sorted you will be able to structure your workouts around them!

    1. It’s where everyone wears a pair of wireless headphones which each have two channels and at the front of the stage there are two different DJs and so everyone picks what they want to listen to.
      When you take your headphones off it’s hilarious!

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