Month: October 2011

To Drink or Not to Drink?

Hello there my lovely lovely readers!

I don’t know why the chirpy greeting, I’m not even feeling that up beat but hey, sometimes we need chirpy hellos 😛

Breakfast today, the usual. Getting bored of seeing it? I’ll try to vary it tomorrow!

Although I’m still feeling a little bit sad today I had a really productive day. This morning I read some more of my texts for this week and then got in Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. I was sweaty and exhausted but I was happy with myself, I feel like I’m on the way to getting back on track. Finally!

Lunch was somewhat pitiful because I had almost no food left in the fridge:

A cinnamon raisin bagel with melted butter. Maybe simple and a bit lacking but still one of my favourite foods!

In the afternoon I finally made it into town to visit my favourite little local farm shop (as well as Sainsburys) 🙂 I got a full shop which was great so I now have a fridge full of fresh veg, dairy products and a cupboard stocked up again. As such I ate some crackers topped with taramasalata. I haven’t had any in ages and I love the stuff. It may be fatty but it’s also tasty 🙂

After my shop I ran off to my afternoon Shakespeare lecture – she was fantastic although it went on for almost an hour and 45 minutes so I was aching to stretch my legs by the time it was finished!

I then rushed back to get changed and go off to the gym with Trelawney. As I’d got in a workout in the morning it was only a quick one but I actually prefer short, high intensity workouts to longer ones.

Dinner was nice, quick, healthy and tasty:

Ok ok so I cheated and bought a packet of mixed stir fry veggies so all I had to do was actually stir fry them in soy sauce but you know what, I don’t care. I need some quick and healthy meals and this lets me have all of that. And I really liked the veggies in this mix, I wouldn’t be able to afford (or have the space) to buy all of the different vegetables in there!

Now to the subject of my title. Tessa over at Amazing Asset did a post recently which touches on some of the same issues, I’d definitely recommend you head over and read it. And whilst you’re there, read the rest of her blog, I love it and I love her! ❤

Since being at uni I have obviously been going out some evenings and enjoying a few drinks. But a lot of the people around me don’t enjoy a few drinks…they enjoy litres of drink. And I’m often surrounded by very drunk people. There are hoards of them going past my window at this very moment, quite a few dressed in very little and all of them looking pretty trashy. (Sorry that sounds bitchy but it’s kinda true!)

I know this makes me sound both a) like an old lady and b) a bit snooty but the thing is I just don’t understand why people do it!

To me getting really really drunk in some club surrounded by people I don’t know, with random guys trying to dance with you, disgusting toilets, over-priced drinks, sweat and everything else just sounds awful. And I have done it before, albeit it not that many times.

The thing is I can’t join in, even if I wanted to. I can’t stand up for that long, I definitely can’t dance for that long and if I drink a little bit too much, I don’t notice the pain so much and then I spend the next day in agony.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against other people going out clubbing and drinking. I think everyone at uni should be able to go out and do what they enjoy. It’s just that sometimes I do feel left out. I feel like I should want to be getting drunk and partying the night away. I should want to go out clubbing with all of the others. I feel like by not enjoying it, that I’m being boring, unadventurous and not of the right age. And it does mean I miss out on a lot of the ‘uni experience’.

The thing is, I wish that I could find some people who were up for doing something else. Something more subdued, like going for a meal or just going to a bar for a few drinks and a relaxing time among friends.

Anyway in the spirit of being like an old person I’m going to get ready for bed and relax with a good book 🙂

What did you enjoy doing at uni?
Do you enjoy drinking lots and going out to clubs?
Any advice on how to feel a bit less left out?

Hope you all had a great start to the week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
(I’m probably the only blogger not writing anything about Halloween today :-P)

Sophie x



Sorry for the rubbish title, I figured it works well enough considering I’m just stopping by to say hello and because it is almost Halloween after all!

I’ve missed you all this weekend but I didn’t really miss blogging, it was just so nice to be with Tom again 🙂

I had a really lovely weekend! Spending time with the person you love most in the world can’t be beaten by anything.

Unfortunately all good things must indeed come to an end and having just got back to my small, cold room at uni I am now feeling a little bit lonely. I think I’ll just get tucked up in bed and sleep it off. I’m going to miss him all over again now but I’ll be seeing him in less than four weeks!

And… I’m going home next week 🙂

So some things to look forward to.

Anyway I’m exhausted so I’ll say goodnight. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Sophie x

A Quick Dose of Fitness Friday

Hey there!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I didn’t really have anything interesting to say so I didn’t want to bore you all 😛

Anyway guess what…

…this afternoon I’m getting on the train to go and visit my boyfriend!!

I haven’t seen Tom in over a month now and so as you can imagine I’m really excited to spend the weekend with him 🙂

This morning I enjoyed my typical breakfast whilst packing:

I do love my mixes and adding seeds is fantastic because it means a teeny bit of added protein!

This morning I’ve been tidying, packing, reading and finishing off an essay. Busy busy busy. But it’s worth it because I know this weekend I can just relax and have fun. I’m taking a number of books to read on the train anyway 🙂

Lunch today was literally the only thing I have left to eat in the fridge! I haven’t bothered to go food shopping this week because I ate out for almost every meal last weekend and I knew I would only need a few dinners here.

It was still pretty tasty!

Right, now as you know, for the last couple weeks I’ve been pretty down because of my struggles to adjust, to get all of my work done and to deal with the pain. As a consequence of this I’ve been eating pretty badly. I know you’re probably wondering how as most of what I post up on here isn’t that bad, perhaps just a little carb heavy. The thing is, when I’m bored or upset I tend to snack. A lot. And I’m starting to feel the results of my poor diet: I’m often quite bloated, my energy is poor, I’m feeling sluggish and I just don’t feel as good in my own skin. So starting from today (there’s no time like the present!) I am going to be making a conscious effort to be eating a better, healthier diet. And this brings me to:

Fitness Friday!

Obviously I’m away this weekend so I won’t be concerned with working out but during the week I’m going to make a huge effort to get to the gym and just do a bit more exercise in general.

Monday – 30 Day Shred. I’m really going to try to start doing this several times a week again.
Tuesday – Gym: 10 minutes cross trainer, 20 minutes stationary bike.
Wednesday – Upper Body Strength Workout + Abs
Thursday – Gym: 10 minutes cross trainer, 20 minutes stationary bike
Friday – 30 Day Shred + maybe the gym if I have the energy

I’m sure that to some of you that probably sounds quite light but I have to be realistic. I’m still in quite a bit of pain most days and so I don’t want to push myself too hard. Plus as my exercise routine has been pretty poor lately I don’t want to aim too high too quickly!

Well anyway I’d best be off, I have my seminars to get to and then a train to catch 🙂

I hope you’ve all had a great Friday and have a fantastic weekend!

How do you get back into a routine when you’ve been in a slump?
How do you stay motivated once you’re in a routine?

Sophie x

What I Ate Wednesday No.14: A Productive Day At Last!

I love Wednesdays!

I start early and I’m done by 10.30am which means I have the whole day to get things done and it’s WIAW 🙂

I know I say this every week but I really do love Jenn’s creation!

Breakfast was a quick weetabix mush before rushing off to my 9am lecture. Weetabix is definitely what I need for early morning starts, I couldn’t stomach anything else!

Although I find it difficult to get up early I like starting first thing in the morning because it means I can get lots done before lunchtime. I managed to tidy my room, do my laundry, and get lots of reading done. Being productive is such a positive boost.

Something else was a boost too: my lunch!

Angela from Oh She Glows’s 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. Oh my word it was delicious! I didn’t have any basil (silly student food budget!) and I added some parmesan cheese but other than that I just followed her recipe. Mine doesn’t look as smooth and creamy as Angela’s (nor are my photos as gorgeous) because I don’t have a food processor here, just a hand blender and it didn’t want to make a smooth sauce but it still tasted absolutely yummy!

This afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment so I got to meet my new GP. Because my condition is quite complex I have to go back for a longer appointment next week but I was quite impressed by how proactive he was. It’s quite rare to get a doctor who really wants to sort things and is as thorough with your medical history so I’m hoping for good things 🙂

This evening Trelawney and I decided that we needed a morale boost and so armed with our 2 for 1 voucher off we went to Pizza Express for dinner. It was lovely to have a nice meal out and have a distraction from everything, plus the food was pretty good!

I got a Verdure leggera pizza which is where in order to make the pizza a bit lighter they cut the middle out and fill it with salad instead :-). It included a topping of tomato sauce, red and yellow peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, rosemary, sweet baby onions, mozzarella and garlic oil. It was really delicious!

To finish off the night I indulged in a bit of a treat:

A Baileys latte :-). Coffee in the evening probably wasn’t the best idea but it was only about 7.30pm so I figured the effects would have worn off by the time I go to bed…

Another reason I love Wednesdays? It means we’re halfway through the week!

Can you drink coffee in the evening or would you just not be able to sleep?
Best thing you’ve eaten today?

Sophie x

Up And Down

Well this is has been some day!

I had a lie-in this morning to do some much needed reading. Have I ever mentioned that doing an English degree requires lots of reading? Well it does! In case that wasn’t already obvious 😛

I also ate a rather delicious and filling breakfast:

 A tasty mix of raw oats, vanilla flavoured low-fat natural yogurt and sliced banana. Definitely a breakfast to fill me up for the whole morning!

I’ve been feeling a little down if I’m honest since my family left, hence the lack of post yesterday and I had a bit of a cry on the phone to my mum this morning. I’m not afraid to admit it, it felt really helpful to talk to her and tell her about what’s worrying me at the moment. I’m really lucky to have such wonderful supportive parents! Thank you Maman 🙂

Lunch was an english muffin topped with my typical avocado mix: half an avocado crushed, one clove of garlic chopped finely, a squeeze of lemon juice and a liberal sprinkling of salt and cayenne pepper. Delicious. And what’s that I spy on the side? That would be an Innocent fruit tube!! My sister bought me a packet this weekend, they’re just little tubes containing something halfway between a fruit puree and a smoothie and they’re so lovely! I don’t even care the slightest bit if they’re childish…

This afternoon I had a drama workshop which was a lot more fun than anticipated. I can’t really join in with the acting which is a shame but watching the performances was interesting and gave me a few ideas for when I have to direct my extract (not for ages thankfully). There are so many really talented people at university!

When I got back I was feeling pretty exhausted so I had a relax with a little snack (I just wrote snake there by mistake – a clear example of how tired I am):

A cinnamon raisin bagel topped with honey and served with some extra raisins. Pretty yummy even if it was somewhat similar to my lunch. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit!

This evening I went round to the flat next door to have a chat with one of the lovely girls who lives there, she is an amazing musician and I love talking to her about music and things :-). She succeeded in lifting my morale which gave me the boost to go and actually cook something for dinner tonight. Result! I actually cooked some aubergine and garlic and served it with a little whole wheat pasta. I didn’t bother taking a picture, stir-fried aubergine doesn’t look particularly exciting 😛

I hope you all had good day, I missed posting yesterday but I will definitely be here tomorrow with an exciting WIAW post! Stay tuned…

What kind of a day did you have, up, down or both?
Do you find yourself eating very similar food several times a day or is variety the spice of life?

– I’m a mixed one when it comes to that, I love certain foods and will eat them over and over but I also like to change things up, I’d get bored with eating the same thing for dinner every night!

Sophie x

Four Again At Last

I have to say having a busy and interesting day really does take your mind off things.

Oh, and a lot of good food!

We went out into the nearby town centre this morning just for a little wander and a shop before finding a cafe to have lunch. We both got chicken and red cabbage coleslaw baguettes with salad and we shared a side of chips. It was pretty tasty 🙂

This afternoon we went for a walk on campus so that I could show Alice around. It really looks so pretty, even when the sky is grey. It’s nice to have an attractive campus because it means going for walks can really lift your spirits and I like working outside. I’d miss green space if I was in a built up area!

This evening my parents came to meet us in town and we had a lovely dinner the four of us. It was really nice to see them again, although being with my family like this has made me feel quite homesick. I don’t want to have to say goodbye again tomorrow.

I’m sure it’s normal to feel like this. I’m sure most students go through very similar emotions but just being as a family again and having that support has made the prospect of being on my own again seem pretty uninviting.

I guess it’s all part of it. I guess the feelings will go away again after a couple of days. I hope so anyway!

At the restaurant I got mushroom fritters with garlic mayonnaise to start. Oh my word, seriously one of the best starters I’ve ever had! It was just the right amount too, I could easily eat another portion tomorrow.

  My mother’s starter looked delicious too, she got a Mediterranean vegetable platter. I loved the bright colours. The chilli in particular caught my eye!

My main was quite nice, not amazing though so slightly disappointing. I got pasta in a meat ragu but it was a bit dry to be honest. Since arriving at uni I haven’t been eating much meat, it’s quite expensive and impractical to get meat for one. So today I decided to have meat at lunch and dinner (very unusual for me!) and to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t anything to write home about. I guess I’m just not crazy about meat. There are other things I’d much rather eat! Plus if I’m completely honest, I’m really not a fan of handling raw meat anyway 😛

Well I’m exhausted and I have lectures tomorrow so I’d best say goodnight.

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend!

If you’ve been, did you get homesick in your first month of uni?
When you’re away from home, what do you miss most?

Sophie x

A Lovely Lovely Day

Hello again, fancy seeing you here 🙂

I have had a really lovely day with my sister. It is so nice to be able to spend some time together, do fun things and catch up! I’ve really missed seeing her.

We started our day off with a delicious serving of cinnamon raisin bagels which I bought specially because she loves them so much:

Yum 🙂 And so nice to have someone to chat to over breakfast again. I think the relaxed company is one of the things I miss about home so much. Back home there is always someone there and talking is easy, you don’t feel like you’re constantly having to make an effort!

Late morning I took Alice into the centre of town with Trelawney to show her around and do a spot of shopping.

We ate lunch at that lovely little cafe I wrote about a couple of weeks ago and we each had a delicious plate of warm, fresh pittas with hummus and guacamole. It was simple but seriously tasty.

I also got a strawberry and vanilla smoothie and it was really good, so creamy and fresh. I honestly love this cafe, independent places are so much better than chains!

We trawled some great little vintage places and I found a top hat which I think goes excellently with my cane so Alice had to snap a quick photo, whatcha think?

Obviously after a long spell of shopping (Alice found a lovely vintage top and we both bought new scarves) we obviously needed another coffee break!

Hello gingerbread latte and mini muffins 🙂

We eventually called it a day, got the bus home and have just been relaxing and chatting all evening. We dined on spaghetti bolognese and enjoyed our respective favourite yogurts (flake for Alice, vanilla flavoured greek yogurt for me) whilst watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA – hilarious.

So there you have it, my great day with my sister!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend like me 🙂

Do you like independent or chain cafes better?
Favourite hot drink? Are you a fan of specialty coffees?

Sophie x