I’m Here!

Hello bloggies 🙂

Sorry for my extended absence, I’ve really missed you all!

I hope you all had a great week and a fantastic weekend.

I am absolutely exhausted!

For the past four days (not including today) I have been at an early induction program my uni runs for people with disabilities and long-term medical conditions.

It was really useful because we got to register early and we had time to find our way around the campus a bit as well as being great fun. I met some really lovely people.

Yesterday morning my parents and sister arrived with all of my things and helped settle me in a day before everyone else got here. As no one was in my flat yet I decided to go back with them to their hotel for the night as I didn’t want to be too lonely!

I wasn’t sure about it to begin with but we ended up having a really lovely meal at the hotel restaurant.

For my starter I got a grilled king prawn salad with a chilli dressing:

It was really delicious.

And my main course was mushroom linguine:


Also pretty delicious.

And also my last luxurious meal! Student food from now on!!

Because in fact, today was move in day.

As in moving in to my home for the next three months…

It’s strange because I really thought I was going to feel really emotional and teary when my family left this morning but I was fine, I was just excited. However, after a busy day of getting to know people and sorting things out, it hit me just how much I’m going to miss home and my family.

I love them all so much and even though I’m ready to be independent, my heart is still back home! I guess I’ll just have two homes.

My room is lovely though:

I’ve tried to make it quite homely. I love my duvet cover and cushions :-). I need to get some more photos printed, I don’t have any of my friends up at the moment and I don’t have any recent ones of Tom and me.

I’ve managed to forget my trainers at home. What a mistake. This means I can’t go to the gym till I go home which isn’t for two whole weeks (I have an MRI scan). I’m so annoyed with myself because there are so many good classes there and I really want to get into the flow of exercising again! Oh well, at least I am going home soon, I would hate to have to buy new ones.

Anyway I’d best be off to bed, it’s late and I have to be up early for a departmental induction!

Love you all 🙂

Sophie x



  1. Aww your bedroom is cute! I nearly got that duvet cover last year. I’m glad things are going well for you, it’s great the uni had that induction thing for you. Hope this week goes well and that your housemates are all lovely!

  2. Awww love your bed cover! I’m so glad you’re settling in ok. Don’t worry, you won’t even miss the gym with all the new stuff being thrown at you. The fancy dinner looks awesome too, I loove grilled prawns!

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