The Last Weekend

This evening marks the end of my last weekend at home for the next three months!

Well, unless I come home for a little visit but that doesn’t sound as dramatic πŸ˜›

I have to apologise for the slightly sporadic posting at the moment, I’m so busy in the day getting things ready (only two days left!) and in the evenings I’m just so tired!

After discovering how tasty applesauce mixed in with my weetabix mush, I had it again this morning with the addition of oats. Scrummy!

Today I had a concert with the choir I recorded with last weekend so eats weren’t particularly exciting so I will show you my lunch and dinner from yesterday.

My Granddad came round for lunch and we had one of my favourite weekend lunches:

Salmon with crushed potatoes and courgette and chilli salad. It was delicious, I’m a lucky girl to have two parents who are both fantastic cooks πŸ™‚ I’m going to miss that!

The concert went really well this afternoon, it was for the NSPCC so we all put in some extra effort.

Dinner last night was a kind of last goodbye to summer:

Grilled chicken, sausage with a couscous salad and a green salad:-)

Although I’m going to miss the warm weather and summer food (especially summer fruits), I am quite looking forward to the autumn coming in. I love the new start to the year, I prefer autumn clothes, I love cold weather cooking and I love being able to snuggle up in the warm when it’s raining and cold outside!

Are you going to miss the summer or are you looking forward to the new season?
What’s your favourite thing about the autumn (or fall)?

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s emotional post about my chronic pain condition!

Sophie x



  1. You goodbye summer meal sounds amazing. I love me some couscous! I’m gonna miss the freedom and warm summer weather, but I love fall flavors and cross country season!

  2. I am missing strawberries already 😦 but embracing stews and soups! can’t wait for those perfect chilly autumn mornings! I looove them.
    Eeee bet you’re so excited!! If you ever need anything don’t be afraid to e-mail me, I love to help people out!

  3. Its coming up to summer in australia. Im kind of excited.. kind of not.
    Australia gets WAY to hot, and I hateeee being sweaty and uncomfortable 😦
    Im going to miss the winter fashion

  4. I totally agree! Love the autumn, love the outfits, love the air, and its symbolism! Well, to me autumn just means that everything dies away so that more beauty and goodness come grow/come through πŸ™‚ After all, plants can’t grow properly unless weeds are taken out, right? Have a great day Sophie!

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