A Surprise At The Hospital

I have to say, despite never having had a particularly traumatic experience at a hospital, I’m really not a fan of them.

I guess I’m just used to coming away having heard something depressing.

Today wasn’t very different.


I went in for physiotherapy and ended up having a blood test…

Not a happy bunny 😛

I’m such a wimp when it comes to needles and blood tests are the worst. I hate the sensation, it just makes me really squeamish!

So yeah not a fantastic way to start the day. Things improved though.

For lunch I met with three of my favourite girlies, possibly for the last time before I leave! Although I did not enjoy my time at Sixth Form much I made some truly wonderful friends and I’m really going to miss them 😦

Lunch was a greek style pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes, courgette and a herby tomato sauce (I didn’t eat the feta – not really a cheese fan).

As well as my usual:

A skinny iced vanilla latte. And I ordered a small (and paid for a small) but I’m fairly sure I was given at least a medium (exciting isn’t it :-P).

My arm was hurting me whilst in town and I soon found out why:

I don’t think the guy who took my blood did it right, I’ve never had a bruise like that after a blood test! Anyway else come out like that before?

Oh well I did get a couple of nice additions for my uni stuff:

Nice, cosy slippers to keep my feet warm through the winter whilst I’m away. I get cold really easily and so I’m a little worried that the heating in my hall won’t be fantastic. Which is why I also bought this next item:

A new hoodie, in size 16 :-P. It’s sooo comfy! (Sorry for the slightly rubbish photo by the way)

Sorry for the short post lovelies but I really need to be off to bed. Being prodded and poked at always makes me really sore and I’ve got lots more shopping to do tomorrow!

This is a more serious question than usual, I mention my physical issues a lot but I’ve never really elaborated and a few people have asked about it. Although it would be tough to write about, would you be interested in a post explaining my condition?

Sophie x



  1. I’d be interested in hearing about your condition, but only if you’re comfortable! The pasta salad looks so good and I’m lovin’ the boots and hoodie.

  2. I agree with Tara, an interesting read I’m sure but obv.up to you hun. The slipper boots 😮 ooo amazing, they make me wish it was all snowy already! When do you go to uni?

  3. Ooooh I need to get me some comfy slippers for this term! They look lush and warm. I used to get massively bruised after having blood taken but the other day the nurse told me itcan be ebcausepressure isn’t kept on it long enough, so she always makes sure to press the cotton wool down for at least two minutes. She did and I never got a bruise! Hoorah!

    I would be interested in hearing more, but obviously on your terms. Don’t put anything out there you’re uncomfortable with. How many days til you leave? Eeeee bet you’re excited!

    1. They are really soft! Oh that’s interesting I never knew that, I’ll make sure I press down for longer next time!
      Thank you for your never ending support, it means a lot to me 🙂
      I leave on Wednesday – scary stuff!

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