What I Ate Wednesday No.8

Guess what today is…that’s right, it’s time to join in with Jenn’s fabulous WIAW party!

I have to say, it’s just been one of those days.

I woke up sore and from that moment knew I would have to change my plans and stay at home for the day.

As frustrating as that was I decided to put the day to good use and be productive even if I couldn’t do everything I’d planned.

But first, breakfast:

Although this is clearly my usual weetabix mush I felt like experimenting a little this morning and instead of having fresh fruit as my topping I mixed in a couple of spoonfuls of cinnamon applesauce and a handful of raisins.

You know what? Weetabix tastes really good with applesauce. I shall try it with oats next.

As I got up fairly late this morning I didn’t have time to do much so I decided now was the time to get into my new books for uni.

I’m reading ‘Studying English Literature – A Practical Guide’ by Tory young and it’s fascinating.

One statement in the introduction really stood out for me

“Informal writing is important; it concentrates the mind.”

I think it’s 100% true, in fact, it’s part of why I write this blog. I love to write and I love to pour my thoughts onto paper (or in this case the internet).

Anyway when I’ve read a bit more I’ll write about it for you all 🙂

Lunch for me was Melanzane alla Parmigiana (an aubergine dish) followed by oven roasted peaches with toasted almonds and vanilla ice cream.


This afternoon involved more productive activities.

Sorting through piles of documents, uni information and letters. Going out to do the local shopping. Picking up my prescriptions. More reading. And finally cooking dinner.

I chose a Balti Chicken dish from one of my student cookbooks because it’s a relatively cheap and easy recipe to make and it’s always good to practice student cooking before I leave!

I was quite pleased with the result:

It’s a pretty healthy dish too, mostly made up of veg and protein plus a good dose of spices. We had it with naan bread, chutney and greek yogurt. I definitely think I’ll be replicating it at uni. I might see if I can make it work with tofu.

Well there you have it. My eighth WIAW 🙂

Have you made any new recipes lately? Was it a success or a failure?

Sophie x



  1. That dessert with the oven roasted peaches and vanilla ice cream looks like heaven. The Balti Chicken looks great too! I haven’t been following many recipes lately. I should get on that! I miss recipes, but I like to make them when I’m relaxed, and I haven’t been spending very much time in the kitchen recently. All your food looks delicious. Now I’m inspired!

  2. Oh yum that chicken looks sooo good and your roasted peaches! Ok you are like my university inspiration to cook more, definitely true about the quote there, very true!

  3. You should try mixing in ‘melted’ banana next time to your breakfast. Just chop a banana and microwave it till its soft and sweet. I always do this to bananas before adding them to my oats.

  4. Wow you have been making some good looking recipes lately! Whenever I try a new recipe I always mess it up the first time!! I love those baked peaches and your lunch looks yummy. What exactly is Melanzane alla Parmigiana?

  5. Whoa all these look cookbook ready and professional! I lately made oatmeal jam bars from a cookbook and they came out looking exactly like the picture from the book- sucess!!
    I think informal writing is really valuable. It does indeed tone the mind.

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