Are You Feeling Swedish?

Right. I’ll start with my breakfast and then I’ll move on to the more exciting stuff.

Weetabix and raw oat mush served with fresh raspberries:

So, guess where I went today…

That’s right, Ikea!

The words of the title were printed on the wall by the food store and they made me smile 🙂

There is something just plain fun about wandering around the little mini rooms and studios that are created there to inspire, I love the way they even have little side rooms like closets, en-suites and utility rooms!

I quite like this kitchen, it’s fairly simple but I love the built-in ovens and it feels like a sociable space. There were some prettier ones but the spaces were smaller so it was difficult to get a decent photo.

As much as going round the show rooms is fun, going around the shop and warehouse is even better. I’ve got plenty of goodies to take to uni from an in-tray, to plates and bowls, to duvet covers.

Buying all of my things has made the prospect of leaving in a week quite a bit more real.

I know, I’m leaving in one week.

Just one.

Don’t worry though, I’m not leaving you. My blogging style may change somewhat and I’m guessing the time of day I’ll blog at will change if I’m going out most evenings(!) but I plan on posting as regularly as ever. For me, blogging has become an important part of my life, it’s so rewarding and I love having the opportunity to write informally, just for enjoyment’s sake.

Plus I love you all too much to stop!

Anyway, back to Ikea.

We enjoyed an Ikea lunch although I’m afraid I didn’t have Swedish meatballs. I went with a ricotta and spinach ravioli in a tomato sauce instead:

It was pretty decent considering how cheap it was and my dessert of apple and cinnamon pie was quite tasty. Then again anything with apple and cinnamon is a win in my book!

After coming home and having a lie down (Ikea’s good fun but my goodness there’s a lot of walking involved!) I got to work on some baking.

It wasn’t baking for me though. Our neighbours have the most adorable four-year-old daughter called Ellen who is just recovering from her second cancer, this time Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. It has been heartbreaking to see such a young child fight such a terrible illness but she is strong and doing incredibly well since her last full bone marrow transplant.

Although she’s doing well she’s still having problems with food. Because her body is so used to being fed by a tube, she has a tiny appetite and consequently is pretty small for her age. However I happen to know that she absolutely loves the colour pink so I thought what better way to fatten her up and give her a bit of enjoyment than pinker than pink cupcakes?

Enter almost half a bottle of pink food dye and a handful or pink sprinkles and cake decorations:

I don’t think I could have made them much pinker if I’d tried!

Hopefully she’ll enjoy eating them, her face certainly lit up when I showed them to her!

We are all so blessed that she has pulled through for a second time and I love hearing her laughter, and that of her little brother, George’s, from the garden 🙂

The rest of the evening was spent reading and going to pick my sister up from her Gymnastics class before sitting down to enjoy one of my favourite pasta dishes:

Spaghetti with courgette and chilli with a sprinkling of parmesan. Delicious,

Tomorrow is my last Wednesday at home for 12 weeks, scary thought!

Do you enjoy shopping for house things? What’s the most fun/childish thing you’ve ever baked?

Sophie x



  1. I love shopping for anything. House stuff if fun but at this point, I feel for eveything I buy, I need to toss something out. We really need new towels!
    The most childish thing I’ve ever baked? ….hmmmm….confetti cake?!

  2. Ahhh I ❤ Ikea. I haven't been there in so long. There used to be one 15 min from my house (before I moved) and that was dangerous! You can never just go there for one thing, you end up wandering for hours!

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