Just Keep Singing

Hey lovelies, sorry I didn’t post yesterday!

I was so exhausted when I got back at 10pm that I went straight to bed and couldn’t find the energy to post, I hope you’ll be able to forgive me 😛

Breakfast was the only meal I got a picture of yesterday so I’ll give you two:

Weetabix (as per usual), blueberries and cinnamon. The perfect breakfast for an early start 🙂

Yesterday we had nine hours of singing, I was exhausted!

To be honest, I still am.

I can barely walk and my neck doesn’t want to support my head…

And we have about five more hours of recording this afternoon!

Oh well, it is really good fun even if it is one of the most tiring activities I’ve ever done.

This evening I plan on busting out a bit of this:

Nothing makes me sweat like one of Jillian’s workouts!

Having said that, I might be just too exhausted, we shall have to see…

Hope you’re all having a good weekend 🙂

Sophie x



  1. Oh my goodness, 9 hours of singing!? i can only imagine how exhausted you were. It’s like a vocal marathon! Get Jillian to do that, then she’ll find out what a real workout is..

  2. Singing really leaves you out of breath, it’s craaaazy! I love that video, I got it really recently and love how she has two trainer moderating the moves so if you’re feeling a little tired you just do the easier version…which is still rather insane!

  3. Blueberries are my fave breakfast add-in. And re. pasta- I used to love the stuff but ate it so much that I grew tired of it (went way beyond saturation point). Weird how so many bloggers aren’t into it. x

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