Fitness Friday + A Vocal Workout

Right, this is to everyone who reads, follows or comments:

I need your help.

After a week on holiday I feel sluggish and lazy.

This is where you come in.

I need motivation and lots of it!

So here is this weeks plan (make sure you all hold me to it):

Friday – 2 Mile Cycle + Upper Body Strength Workout
Saturday – 2 Mile Cycle (Out most of the day)
Sunday – 2 Mile Cycle + 30 Day Shred
Monday – 30 Day Shred + Full Body Stretching Session
Tuesday – Ab Workout (I’m out most of the day again so it has to be quick)
Wednesday – Lower Body Strength Workout
Thursday – 3 Mile Cycle + 30 Day Shred

I really hope I can manage to get at least 5 of these days done as planned!

And why a vocal workout you ask?

Well tonight and throughout the rest of the weekend my choir is recording a CD and so it’s going to be one massive workout, in its own way.

My diaphragm is going to be super tired by Sunday evening!

I love singing, it’s not something I’ve discussed on the blog much but I’ve been singing in choirs since I was seven years old and I passed my Grade 8 exam this year 🙂

Lunch today was particularly yummy: bagel topped with caramelized onion, garlic and chilli with melted emmental.

Right well I’d best be off, got lots of singing to prepare for!

Hope you’re all having a good Friday 🙂




  1. Nom, yumm bagel topping! Your plan sounds good, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t complete it all, singing takes it out of you. Have fun at choir, I wish I had a half decent voice, but I sound like a mong lol

  2. I had no idea you were in a choir!! Thats awesome!! I wish i could sing good enough to do that 🙂 Good luck with your workouts. Im glad to see some Jillian Michaels thrown in there too!!

  3. Caramelised onions are to die for! Yummy! Good luck with all that exercise, I’m also hoping to kick it up a gear, taken time off due to injury, and I’m ready to start testing my body again, hopefully there will be no pain, and I can get back into the swing of things!

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