Welcome To Ibiza! – Holiday Recap

Hello bloggies!

I hope you’re all having a good week so far 🙂

It’s time for my Ibiza recap and I’ve got a couple of gorgeous photos to share with you all.

But first I want to say that it’s important that you remember that this was not a cultural holiday, it was not for sightseeing and it was not for exploring.

It was for RELAXING.

Something I really needed after 2 months of holiday 😛

Well actually I kind of did need to relax, although I’ve been on holiday for a long time most of it was spent stressing about whether I’d got into uni and then what I would do if I hadn’t!

Anyway first things first.

Look at the absolutely stunning view which greeted us from our balcony:

Isn’t it beautiful? The hotel was set in this private little cove with its own beach and every morning when I woke up this view would just make me smile 🙂

The weather was gorgeous the entire week we were there, always around 30°C at midday. I even managed a (small) tan!

A snapshot of the hotel at night. It was built up the rock on one side of the valley with the restaurant at the top and the bars and pools at the bottom. We must have walked up and down hundreds of steps a day!

One of the best bits of the holiday was the entertainment every night. The entertainment reps were hilarious as well as brilliant at languages (the main guy spoke at least 4 fluently) and the shows were great. On our last night there was an African acrobatics troupe which was amazing.

Another of the best bits was definitely the pool:

But the absolute best thing about this holiday?

Spending seven days with this guy:

I can’t explain how happy it made me feel just to be able to spend all that time with Tom.

When I leave for uni in just under a fortnight I’m barely going to see him for twelve long weeks so this week has been a real blessing.

All in all, it was a wonderful week and the perfect way to end this summer 🙂

(By the way I’m sorry about the lack of food photos, we kept the camera in the safe most of the time and it was too complicated to bother taking it up each time we ate!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed that and thanks for all your lovely messages whilst I was away 🙂

Good to see you liked all the guest posts. I want to say another massive thank you to all the lovely ladies who wrote one for me, you’re all amazing!

Sophie x



  1. Oh woooow girl, it look simply stunning, the african acrobats sound like a right show! Glad you had such a fun time, way to end summer! 🙂

  2. Ibiza looks great! And I love the photo of you guys; super cute.

    Thanks for your kind and encouraging comment on my blog; really appreciate it. Yknow, the more people I talk to the more I realise that there are loads of us stressheads out there. I just think so many of us are hiding it. High-five for positivity though 🙂

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