Guest Post: Isabelle from Cheesymiteapples

Well this marks the end of my guest posts with, last but by no means least, the fabulous Isabelle :-). Take it away girl!

Hey Guys! I’m Isabelle and you can find me at a little blog called Cheesymiteapples 🙂

First off I just wanted to say thanks to Sophie for giving me the opportunity to write up a guest post.

When I was deciding what to write about it was kind of a no brainer for me. I live and breathe running! I know some people don’t understand why you would put your body through the type of rigorous training that I do sometimes. When I give it all I have in a race, finding out I ran PB alleviates all this physical pain. It makes me think I can do better and I’ll keep going until I can’t do any better. That’s the thing about distance running you have to be really passionate about running and improving if you are going to put yourself through that kind of pain, over and over again.

Every day whether it be during a training session or a race I strive to deliver my best performance and I also have a lot of fun along the way.

Some Principles and Tips I stick to are:

  • Run more and for Longer. A super long run provides the basis for building the aerobic capacity required to race a 5k well. Having the blood pumped through the working muscles for such long periods has more affect on aerobic fitness than any other workout.
  • Anaerobic Threshold Run of at least 20mins at least once per week. This is running at a pace just below where the production of lactic acid rapidly increases and allows the runner to continue running reasonably comfortably but at high aerobic speed for over an hour. Doing this improves the athlete’s ability to concentrate when fatigued which can be very important in the latter stages of a 5k race.
  • Run Hills Hard Once Per Week. Running hard up hills is very effective for improving running mechanics.
  • Enjoy Your Running! The most important thing of all is to enjoy and look forward to all the training sessions. So get out there and find a running group that inspires you to run.

Live it Love it Run it!

Some of my Healthy Edibles that Fuel me along the Way:

  Thanks Again to Sophie!

Are you a runner? If not what exercise do you prefer?

So I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these wonderful guest posts, thank you so much to all of the lovely bloggers who wrote them for me 🙂

I’ve missed you all but I’ll be back tomorrow evening!!

Sophie x



  1. I’ve recently upped my running a LOT! I’ve done a lot of 5K and 10K races, but I’ve never done more than 6.5 miles. I signed up for my first half marathon which will be April 2012… I’m so excited, but also very nervous! At least I have a long time to train!

  2. I used to run a lot, it was my fave workout, but after a serious injury I had to stop. So now I usually swim, take long walks or use workout DVD´s. But I really enjoy all these activities 🙂

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