Guest Post: Leigh from Peanut Butter Nutter

Hey hey hey, only 2 days till I’m back with you all! Today’s guest post is from the lovely Leigh :-). I love this girl, her blog is 100% real and she’s always there for a chat! Hope you enjoy her post, it has some brilliant advice.

Hello! I’m Leigh, and I blog over at peanutbutternutter about food, exercise, border collies and my life as a student dietitian. I am about to enter my second year of university, and as Sophie is about to start her first year I wanted to share some tips with all of you about to take that step! Last year I moved 4 hours away from home and lived with 20 complete strangers, it was so scary at first, but it turned out to be the best year of my life. Here are some things that I learned.

Don’t be shy, everyone is in the same boat. Everyone will say this to you, but it really is true. No one knows anyone, and everyone wants to be friends. After my parents had helped my move in and left I lay on my bed absolutely terrified to go and talk to anyone. I took some deep breaths and put on my big girl pants, and within half an hour we were all talking like we’d known each other for years.

Use the internet to meet people before you go. All uni’s have facebook groups where you can meet other people from your course and even find the people you’ll be living with. It really makes meeting in real life a lot easier if you can introduce yourself and already feel like you know someone.

Be yourself. You will meet so many different kinds of people at university, there’s no better time than now to be true to yourself. So take up the hobbies that you enjoy, listen to the music you love, and eat the food you want to. Anything goes in university!

Budget sensibly. I saw people blow their loans in the first week on dresses and then live off 8 pence curry for the rest of the term. It is tempting to blow your loan in fresher’s week, but you’ll have a much better time of it if you’re not completely skint the rest of the term.

Be prepared to dress up. Seriously, don’t even fight it. It’s not an option.




Eat healthily, but indulge too. I was terrified of gaining weight from drinking and late night take-aways, but I actually eat better now than I ever did at home. Often we’ll make a homemade pizza on the nights we go out and eat the leftovers when we get home. This is more for money saving reasons, but it usually tastes better than a greasy take-away too. Sometimes though we will all go out for pizza, and that’s fine too. University really helped me loosen up with my eating habits and made me realise that it’s ok to eat a take away here and there, and that unplanned meals out are fun, but also to eat well because uni is exhausting and being ill is the last thing you need!

Ask for help if you need it. Universities have so much support in place, if you’re struggling with a deadline, money or your health there are people there to help you – it’s their job! So please don’t be scared to ask for help before it all gets to be too much.

Have lots of fun! Uni is ace, and if everything doesn’t fall in to place straight away it will, just give it some time. Good luck to all of you who are off to new schools this autumn!

If you’ve already been to University what was your experience like? Any good tips to share?

Thanks for the awesome post Leigh 🙂

Sophie x



  1. Haha – I love that penguin costume. I think our next blogger meet up should be fancy dress 🙂
    The friends I made on my very first day of uni are still my best friends 9 years later (9 years – I’m old!)
    My tip would be to try out new things – I joined loads of societies and made some good friends, even if I didn’t stick at all my new-found hobbies.

  2. great guest post!! i totally agree with all of these tips. branching out and getting out of your comfort zone is #1 in my book…you can’t have fun and meet people if you don’t take chances sometimes 🙂

  3. What a lovely penguin (costume) 🙂 University can be fun, just don´t stress too much about anything, be sure you get some sleep (I know I may sound like your mother, but this is such an important thing 🙂 and be friendly, because everything is better with a smile on your face. And people will remeber you as the “friendly one”, which is good 🙂

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