Guest Post: Carrie from Moves ‘N Munchies

And here is another amazing guest post for ya, this time from the gorgeous Carrie 🙂
Her blog is one I visit almost daily out of the many many many blogs I read so you know it’s gotta be good!

HELLO Love Live and Learn readers!! Me name is Carrie– and I blog at Moves ‘N Munchies… where I, well… talk about my moves and munchies!.. and other weird stuff about me too.. Here’s my face.. in case you’re interested…

So basically- I kind of want to just introduce myself to you all in case some of you don’t know me yet.. And I’ll be sure to include lots of pictures! Who doesn’t like pictures?! mmkkk… So first of all… I was the Class President of my math class my sophomore year of High School- and we beat the other class period- so I got to keep the trophy 😀 I have really good fashion sense… I have my own business, so if any of you guys want a stylist- just hit me up…. my first ever customer will get a discount. My dad used to be about 3x the size of me… Oh! I live in London- forgot to mention that….

Me in Regent s Park

My Operation Beautiful note on the the Abbey Road sign-SHWEET!

I am a NUT AND NUT BUTTER -A HOLIC!!!!! like… to the extreme I was born with a bald spot on my head angel kiss!

PS. my nails aren t painted.. and that is a NO NO

I am a really good surfer… Or not….. I gotssss lots o’ freckles on my face… mmkk… enough about me….. Basically I’m rad so you should come check out my blogster and we shall have some fun! ONCE again- BIG ol’ thank you and hugs to Sophie for letting me take up her blogging space today! Questions of the Day: Do you have something weird different on your body too? Have you ever tried surfing? What kind of a-holic are you?
Isn’t she great? Definitely go check out her blog! Hope you all have a good end to the week, just think, it’s almost the weekend 🙂

Love you all ❤

Sophie x



  1. I love Carries blog (or yours if you’re reading this Carrie), it’s the 1st one i ever read I think… ;P. I have titchy tiny ‘special’ thumbs which some like to call weird! Love the ukilele, rock that look!!

  2. Hahaha I love Carrie’s blog already! She was one of the first people to welcome me to the blog world. Questions.. I have funny shaped ears.. they’re kind of pointy! I tried surfing once and never stood up. And I am a muffin-a-holic. and a banana-with-peanut butter-a-holic.

  3. aww I love Carrie and her blog!! It was the first blog I started reading and she was the first person who welcomed me into the blogging world 🙂 I cant believe there was so much i didnt know about her!!

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