Month: September 2011

What I Ate Wednesday No.10 + My First Real Dinner

Today I made my first completely home-made, healthy dinner at uni!

But before that let me remind you that it’s…

And therefore once again time to join in with Jenn’s fantastic party!

Breakfast was (if you’re a regular reader) what you’d expect from me:

Weetabix 🙂 This time with oats and raisins. There are no bounds to my love for weetabix. It might even be becoming an addiction. By the way, I know my portion looks pretty tiny here but it’s actually because the bowls I have aren’t really meant for cereal – that’s exactly the same amount I normally eat!

I did my first uni workout too today.

Because I was silly and forgot to bring my trainers up, I’m having to work out at home at the moment but because I was smart and did bring my dumbbells, I managed to get in a pretty decent workout.

Super Simple Upper Body Strength Workout:

Shoulder Press 3 x 10 reps
Lateral Raise 3 x 8 reps
Bicep Curls 3 x 12 reps
Dumbbell Rows 3 x 12 reps
Tricep Extension 3 x 12 reps
Dumbbell Flys 3 x 10 reps

Nothing extensive but enough to get my muscles straining.

You know you’re a foodie when you get really excited about a local farm shop and a bag full of vegetables.

I went for my first big shop today, I bought all of my fresh veg from this lovely little organic and local farm shop – a whole canvas bag of veg for £5.80! It made my day 🙂

I then bought my essentials from Sainsbury’s and it cost about three times as much!

My veg draw is now full up, I bought courgette (zuccini), broccoli, peppers, aubergine, avocado, squash and sweet potato 🙂

I also found this:

I was so excited (I know, that probably makes me really sad!) because I’ve seen loads of bloggers rave about it but I’ve never actually seen any in the shops before so I just had to get some!

Well now moving on to my first home-cooked meal at uni…

With my newly purchased veg I roasted up a tin of sweet potato, aubergine, yellow pepper and garlic.

It was pretty tasty (even if this photo makes it look especially yellow), I ate it with mustard.

Dessert was a… not so healthy dish, pretty studenty though:

My eating habits have been pretty mixed so far but I figure I’m only 4 days in and it is Freshers’ Week. I plan on completely healthifying my diet when I start my daily routine!

Anyway I’m off to bed as we are going out again tomorrow, it’s Toga Night…

Did you eat well at university? Got any invaluable tips for me?

Sophie x


New Discoveries

Hello bloggies 🙂

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!

Mine has been pretty hectic so far as you can imagine, there is so much to get your head around here at uni that I’m surprised mine hasn’t been sent off spinning!

Before I go any further, let me show you a picture:

Isn’t it beautiful? We’re having some kind of heatwave here at the moment and the sun is making everything look even prettier than usual. I can’t tell you how lovely it is here.

Yesterday was a busy day so I didn’t manage to get a picture of all of my food but here is a photo of my first smoothie in my new flat:

Frozen banana, tinned raspberries (I didn’t even know it existed until recently!), almond butter, oats and milk. It was pretty darn tasty!

I’m afraid my backgrounds aren’t very attractive at the moment, I need to sort something out for that, our table is clearly not a thing of beauty.

I visited the Freshers’ Fair yesterday to sign up to some societies.

I am now a member of the:

  • English society (obvs)
  • Impact Magazine (the uni magazine)
  • Photography society (so excited about this one – I can finally learn how to use all of the fancy settings on my camera!)
  • Musicality (the musical theatre society)
  • Opsoc (the opera society – I’ve never sung opera before but I’m really keen to try!)
How amazing does that all sound, I can’t wait to go to the first meetings 🙂
I also did my first batch of baking in my new kitchen.

My sister bought me these silicon cupcake moulds as a goodbye present (isn’t she the best sister? I love you Alice!) and I thought I’d test them out.

Halfway through baking I realised I had no icing sugar and therefore no icing to decorate the cakes with…

Solved by sprinkling little sugar hearts (also a present from my wonderful sister) on top of the batter before they went in the oven.

Not a work of art perhaps but I was quite pleased with them.

Lastly I want you to meet two of my lovely flatmates:

Meg and Demi :-).

They were getting ready for a night out and pre-drinks were being had in our kitchen.

I’m so lucky, we’re in quite a small block of flats and everyone is really nice and the atmosphere is great!

All in all, a successful day. Being at uni is exhausting (I won’t even try to explain the pain) but so much fun 🙂

Did you join any clubs/societies at uni and if so which ones?

Sophie x

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

Hey everyone I’m really sorry for not posting last night!

I was totally planning too but my internet wouldn’t work 😦
Looks like it’s all fixed now though!

I have to go to an English Society meet but when I come back I will do a nice long post about what I got up to yesterday 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good week!

Sophie x

Just Checking In

Right this is going to be a very quick one because it is almost 3 in the morning and I’m exhausted!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone, I can’t wait to resume regular blogging 🙂

Tonight was our first official night of Freshers and it was a ‘Back to School’ themed club night… I know, it feels like we only just left! It was brilliant though.

We left in full coaches, all singing shouting hall chants.

I met some lovely people although I have to say I met too many to remember many names!

So I thought I post you a photo of my ‘Back to School’ look…

Not the world’s most flattering photo and yes, I know I have really weird thumbs. My thumbs up is more like a thumbs sideways!

Anyway I will be back tomorrow with a more detailed update as I don’t have much on tomorrow. I had such a busy day today so I have loads to tell you all 🙂

Sophie x

I’m Here!

Hello bloggies 🙂

Sorry for my extended absence, I’ve really missed you all!

I hope you all had a great week and a fantastic weekend.

I am absolutely exhausted!

For the past four days (not including today) I have been at an early induction program my uni runs for people with disabilities and long-term medical conditions.

It was really useful because we got to register early and we had time to find our way around the campus a bit as well as being great fun. I met some really lovely people.

Yesterday morning my parents and sister arrived with all of my things and helped settle me in a day before everyone else got here. As no one was in my flat yet I decided to go back with them to their hotel for the night as I didn’t want to be too lonely!

I wasn’t sure about it to begin with but we ended up having a really lovely meal at the hotel restaurant.

For my starter I got a grilled king prawn salad with a chilli dressing:

It was really delicious.

And my main course was mushroom linguine:


Also pretty delicious.

And also my last luxurious meal! Student food from now on!!

Because in fact, today was move in day.

As in moving in to my home for the next three months…

It’s strange because I really thought I was going to feel really emotional and teary when my family left this morning but I was fine, I was just excited. However, after a busy day of getting to know people and sorting things out, it hit me just how much I’m going to miss home and my family.

I love them all so much and even though I’m ready to be independent, my heart is still back home! I guess I’ll just have two homes.

My room is lovely though:

I’ve tried to make it quite homely. I love my duvet cover and cushions :-). I need to get some more photos printed, I don’t have any of my friends up at the moment and I don’t have any recent ones of Tom and me.

I’ve managed to forget my trainers at home. What a mistake. This means I can’t go to the gym till I go home which isn’t for two whole weeks (I have an MRI scan). I’m so annoyed with myself because there are so many good classes there and I really want to get into the flow of exercising again! Oh well, at least I am going home soon, I would hate to have to buy new ones.

Anyway I’d best be off to bed, it’s late and I have to be up early for a departmental induction!

Love you all 🙂

Sophie x

The End Of An Era… (+ WIAT)

I can’t believe this is it.

I’ve been thinking about it since applying in October last year. I’ve been talking about it since the end of my exams in June. I’ve been preparing for it all summer.

Today, I leave for university.

Today, I begin the next phase of my life.

It’s really hard to take it all in.

This morning is pretty frantic but I want to write this post because I have just found out that I may not have internet for the next three days.

So here is my contribution to Jenn’s brilliant WIAW party although mine is technically a What I Ate Tuesday as I won’t be able to do todays food!

So as usual, here is my breakfast:

Weetabix mush (I’ll NEVER get bored), fresh blueberries and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Probably the last glass of fresh orange juice I get to drink for weeks as I highly doubt I’ll have the money for luxuries like juice! Not to mention that I should probably give my teeth a break from all the sugar I’ve been eating/drinking this summer.

I spent yesterday morning at Tesco buying my food essentials to take to my new kitchen(!) and picking up some pans and baking dishes that my Granddad has kindly donated to me. I love having all of my own kitchen things 🙂

For lunch I had two leftover curries, one chicken and one aubergine and green bean, along with some garlic naan and a dollop of mango chutney. Delicious. I definitely wanted to make the most of my last meals at home!

Tom came round in the afternoon and we spent the rest of the day together. It’s always hard as I said in my post yesterday, I’ll have to admit I did get a little teary at times. I’m super excited but I still hate having to leave behind all of the people I care about. Tom and I have been doing the whole long-distance thing for three years now but it doesn’t really get any easier!

Dinner was by my special request:

It’s strange, I’m really not a particularly avid meat lover, I’d be pretty happy with a vegetarian diet, but I do love a good steak!

My request was for steak and chips with a peppercorn sauce. It was fantastic! My dad cooks the best steaks 🙂

My mum had also bought my favourites for my last dessert:

Raspberries! Another thing I probably won’t get to eat again fresh for a long time 😦

All in all it was a truly lovely last day. My parents gifted me a beautiful fountain pen as a going away present 🙂

I’m going to miss my family so much, we’ve always been close and it’s going to be weird moving on without them. My little sister is not looking forward to being an only child!

Right I need to go, I have to eat something before I leave and check one last time that I haven’t forgotten anything! I’m soooo excited!! 🙂

Love you all

Sophie x

One Last Date

Last night I went out on one last date with Tom.

Tom goes to university elsewhere in the country so we won’t be together for about 3 months (other than maybe the occasional visit).

Goodbyes are always emotional but saying goodbye to Tom is one of the most difficult goodbyes of all :-(.

But first, breakfast:

Cinnamon and raisin bagel with honey and blueberries on the side. Probably my last fresh blueberries for the year!

Tom then came over and we took a little trip into town for me to get some last-minute things. We bought lunch from Boots.

I had a Moroccan style chicken and couscous salad and a side of vegetable crisps (un-pictured).

We spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy relaxing in front of the TV before our date.

Our restaurant of choice for the evening was Bella Italia (nothing to do with the 2 for 1 voucher we had). I do like Bella Italia though because it was where we used to always eat as a family when my sister and I were little as it caters well for children.

I was semi adventurous:

I had spaghetti with a lamb ragu. It was adventurous in the that I wouldn’t often order something like lamb at a restaurant. It was really quite nice although hugely filling!

After the restaurant (we were way too full for dessert) we then went to the cinema which is conveniently next door to Bella Italia. The film we chose was Friends With Benefits.

It was pretty funny and I thought that both Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis both did quite a good job. All in all a feel good film 🙂

Hope your week started well!

Sophie x