Annoyance & Success

Today has been both an annoyance and a success.


Going round about six different banks to collect information about their various student account options.

Apparently there isn’t really anything good out there.

Then finding out that the best option we could find is at a bank which doesn’t deal with student accounts at the weekend so guess where I’m going on Tuesday?

Anyway, annoyance over.


Going to have coffee at a lovely little cafe in town and the cool coffee art on the lattes πŸ™‚

(Photo on my sister’s iPod camera because I forgot mine)

Roast veggies and teeny tiny pasta tubes topped with parmesan.

My cute new pumps.

What do you think?

My holiday reading.

Simon Schama – Scribble Scribble Scribble, Alan Bennett – Untold Stories and Grace Dent – How To Leave Twitter.

Should all be interesting reads.

I’ll do some reviews once I’m done.

Spending yet another evening with Tom :-). Each time feels like a treat!

And finally, dinner.

Tarragon and mustard chicken, crushed pan-fried potatoes and salad.


Was your day an annoyance or a success?

Sophie x



  1. Very cute shoes!

    So far, my day has been a big success. I had my first Saturday class ever (Human Anatomy & Physiology!)! Sounds horrid but the teacher is incredibly entertaining and I think the semester is going to be splendid. I have learned so much and it’s only the first day of class! Very exciting stuff, Human Anatomy πŸ™‚

  2. Love those shoes! My student account is with the co-operative, no freebies but a huge overdraft (i like to have it for emergencies) and I’ve never had any trouble with them. Loads of my housemates are with natwest for the free rail card which is really useful. My day was bit of an annoyance, but I’m off for a well needed early night – success!

  3. Love the shoes! So far today has been a success. Let’s see, Farmer’s Market, playing the Sims 2 (ha, I enjoy it.) and wandering around on campus. Better luck next time with the banks. At least you had a lot of successes to balance it out.

  4. The twitter book looks like a fun read! Love the pumps too πŸ˜‰ My day so far has been a success with a short morning workout before breakfast…which never happens!

  5. That tiny pasta is so cute!!

    I spent all weekend indoors as hurricane Irene was moving up the east coast of the US and brought us lots of rain and flooding. I’m so ready to leave the house!

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