Fitness Friday + A New Favourite

It’s been a mixed day food wise, I’ve enjoyed some healthy food and some…not so healthy food. It’s all been good though.

Breakfast was the usual favourite:

Do I even need to elaborate?

Today was another trip to town (I suppose I should make the most of having money to spend in cafes before I become a full-time student!) to meet with friends for coffee and then lunch.

We took another trip to the cafe, Costa this time (I know, two in the space of 48 hours) and I got another iced skinny vanilla latte.

Today’s lunch was another departure from the norm this time to McDonalds.

Sometimes you just have to allow your body its cravings.

To be fair, it was only a happy meal.

I’ll admit, it’s not as attractive my usual fare, but it sure was tasty.

Things will probably improve soon health wise, I’m just indulging whilst on holiday but if I’m honest I prefer eating healthily most of time, it just makes me feel better. I do like treats though πŸ˜‰

Anyway, to the topic of the post…

Fitness Friday!

Here’s the plan:

Saturday – 2 Mile Cycle + Ab Workout
Sunday – Upper Body Strength Workout
Monday – 3 Mile Cycle + Lower Body Strength Workout
Tuesday – 30 Day Shred
Wednesday – Ibiza!!!

Sound good?

Dinner tonight was pretty exciting.

I made a new recipe.

From a new book.

Peas and Thank You.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to click that link asap.

Where have you been?

The fabulous Mama Pea makes the best vegan food around and tonight I made her Thai Veggie Burgers.

They were delicious.

Everyone in my family (who are all pretty keen on meat) enjoyed them. I served them with her Butternut Squash Fries and salad.


Thank you Mama Pea πŸ™‚

Sophie x



  1. Yesss girl, i love that you like mcdonalds, their whippy ice cream can’t be beat! I really want to get more clued up on mama pea’s recipes, they always look amazing. O my gosh Ibiza?? That is going to be one fab party πŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad you found my blog! Now I can follow yours! I’ve been meaning to make those Thai Veggie Burgers for a while now. As for cravings, I say listen to them! Your body wants things for a reason. It’s okay to give in! If that means McDonalds, then go for it. Although, I must say, those butternut squash fries look way better than the fries from McDonalds! I want some!

  3. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. And when I say thay I mean to mcdonalds, OR one of mama pea’s awesome recipes. Treats don’t have to be unhealthy πŸ™‚

  4. Awwwr gIrl, there’s definitely nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then. Honestly, I think that stressing about making sure to eat the perfect diet is way more taxing on our body than the occasional indulgence… besides, it’s always good to listen to our cravings so they don’t keep building up and getting stronger. Life’s too short to deny ourselves happiness.

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