Just Another Day In The Town

Today was a mixed day, I did very enjoyable things but also gained a rather less than enjoyable stomach ache.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

At least the weather was good.

My mum’s beautiful Clematis under the morning sun. I love natural beauty.

As I said before we met some friends in town, first for coffee and then we just lay out in a park. I also did some shopping for my mum who is still ill 😦

(I know, riveting life I have sometimes)

Peach iced tea 🙂

I have to admit in a way, I’m starting to get bored with being on holiday, as much as I love being able to relax, I kind of wish I had a more structured routine.

I need a routine. That probably makes me a bit sad 😛

Once home I can’t say I did much (I know, today’s rather uneventful).

I helped to make dinner. It’s one of my favourites.

Bulgur salad with mango, radish, cucumber and spring onions. It’s delicious.

Anyway I’m short on inspiration at the moment.

Night night world.

Sophie x



  1. The peach iced tea looks so refreshing.
    I’m the same, by the end of my holidays I am boreeed. I like having a routine and having stuff to keep me busy.
    That salad looks delicious! I wanna make one like itt!!

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