Lazy Day

Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to be productive in a day.

Sometimes I just want to lie around and not lift a finger.

I would hate to do it all of the time, I’d get depressed, but sometimes it’s good to just be lazy.

For the first time in what may be years, I got showered and dressed after midday.
Late I know.
It’s just that when you have a wonderful, affectionate boyfriend, who doesn’t mind if you smell (I jest. I think!) it’s easy to just lie around in bed relaxing.

It may seem that this doesn’t fit with the idea of a healthy-living blogger, especially as so many bloggers seem to get up before 6am for a run. However, for me, being healthy is all about balance and listening to your body. Today I woke up stiff and, to be honest, in quite a bit of pain. Staying in bed was the HEALTHY thing to do this morning and I’m glad I did!

Moving on…

Breakfast was pretty standard, you’re probably all bored of seeing my weetabix bowls 😛

This is probably my favourite mix: weetabix, raw oats and raspberries.

I love eating breakfast with Tom 🙂

This makes me happy 🙂

The lazy theme has continued throughout the day, I’ve watched not one, not two but three episodes of Location Location Location. I don’t even care if that’s a bit sad. I worked all week. I get to be lazy.

Lunch fitted in pretty well with the lazy theme in my opinion, it’s been months since I last ate pizza and it was actually really yummy!

I spent this afternoon with my mum who has a horrible ear ache. She’s in almost constant pain and has been that way for two weeks :-(. It’s horrible to see and not be able to help at all!

So more tv was watched and more relaxing was enjoyed.

Dinner was two-tired and lovely. Nibbles to start and followed by curried fish with rice and salad.

Despite the day being lazy, I’m actually pretty tired so night night blogworld!

Sophie x



  1. Lazy days are absolutely necessary and healthy every once and awhile! My sisters (they’re about to be freshman in college) have slept in until noon or later everyday this summer, so don’t feel bad!

    I hope you relaxing lazy day!!

    PS I am loving the your cereal bowl 🙂

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