Name Badges and Lots of Laughter

Well today has been a really lovely day.

Work went pretty well, even though it rained nearly all day we managed to get the kids outside to play for almost an hour in between the downpours!

Indoor play = very noisy, rowdy children, so getting outside was a relief.

I can’t believe I’ve never shared one of the highlights of my job on the blog before – name badges (I’m only half joking).

Decorating my badge every morning is more fun than it should be :-P. I was quite proud of this one!

I don’t have any photos of my morning meals today because I overslept by half an hour this morning so had to rush around getting ready so I shall move swiftly on to my lovely evening.

As I mentioned yesterday I met with a couple of my best friends from college for a meal in town earlier this evening.

We had a brilliant time.

What could be better than fantastic company, a relaxed setting, gorgeous cocktails, delicious food and lots of laughter?

Mango and lime daiquiris.

Meet Baiba and Ellie, two gorgeous girls and two great friends!

My absolutely delicious salad: broccoli, snap peas, alfalfa sprouts, borlotti beans, avocado, bulgar wheat, toasted seeds, rocket, cherry tomatoes & baby spinachย in a salsa verde dressing.


The evening was finished off with this rather yummy sundae made up of apple sorbet, strawberry ice cream, low-fat frozen yoghurt & fruit salad topped with chopped nuts & honey.

What a perfect evening.

Night night everybody!

Sophie x



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