Excuse Me, I Don’t Want To Play

Ahh I have missed the kiddiewinkles.

Their constant need for attention.

Their blatant disregard for their surroundings.

And their hilarious beautiful artworks.

In short, I love my job 🙂
Despite the humongous mess they make and their demanding nature, it’s so much fun working with children. I love getting to know their personalities (along with trying to remember all of their names!) and being able to help them. We made clay boats today to be painted tomorrow (very messy activity, picture 30 kids all with a fist-sized lump of clay).

All in all, great fun!

Breakfast departed from the norm, if only slightly, in that I didn’t top my weetabix with fresh fruit! We only had raspberries in and I decided I wanted them for my lunch so raisins and oats it was, still pretty tasty 🙂

Packed lunch of a bagel with the last of my almond butter (sob) and raspberry jam, along with raspberries, an apricot and two crackers. (This has just reminded me I haven’t prepared tomorrows lunch yet, whoops!)

Now, I know you’re thinking “that’s not a very attractive photo”, however, what you are currently looking at is my sister’s AMAZING cinnamon toast. It is seriously yummy! It’s not in any way good for you (white plastic bread and lots of sugar) but when you eat it you just don’t care! Such a good mid-afternoon snack.

Finally, I’m afraid this is a repeat photo. It’s not the exact one I posted last time I ate this meal but it wasn’t taken today. I knew I’d already photographed this dish and I was too busy to dash up 2 flights of stairs to get my camera :-P. It was just as good as last time anyway.

Right, off to do a quick workout (and make tomorrow’s lunch) before bed so goodnight!

Sophie x



  1. oh no — that photo IS attractive! perfectly golden toast amazes me =) I ALWAYS under or over cook mine so when it looks like that i’m sure to drool =) hehe!

    ooh! how to add the button? You want to copy and paste the code under it and paste it into a HTML widget in your sidebar. Here is a more detailed how-to just in case: http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/text-widget/

    let me know if that helps, if not- shoot me an email and i’ll try to help ya! ❤ mwah!

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