España Photo Recap #3

Is it sad that the photo recap I was most excited about was the food one?
No wait, don’t answer that!

I suppose that as this is primarily a food blog, it comes as no surprise that I took tons of photos of my food whilst on holiday 😛

Here are some of the culinary delights I sampled:

A simply HUGE tuna steak I had in a lovely meat and fish restaurant in Veher. Delicious though!

One of our many BBQ dinners.

Amazing meal we ate in a Moroccan restaurant (again in Veher). It was a fantastic evening. Beautiful setting, delicious food and wonderful company.

Enjoying my apricot. I simply love summer fruit!

The paella I shared with my Dad. It was really tasty and I’m glad I tried it as I don’t normally like seafood!

And finally, tapas. You can’t go to southern Spain with ordering tapas at least once!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this foodie recap, I certainly enjoyed eating all of it 😉

Sophie x



  1. Beautiful photos from your Spain trip 🙂 I miss being in Europe and having much easier access to travel to new countries! 🙂

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