Fitness Friday

Sorry this post ended up being later than planned, sometimes life just gets in the way!
I ended up cooking for everyone this evening (everyone being myself, Tom, my sister and her boyfriend) and then we watched Deep Impact. I’d never seen it before and as I cry ridiculously easily during films you can bet the waterworks started as soon as things started going wrong! The moments when everyone had to say goodbye to their loved ones were the worst!

Dinner was nice and fresh:

Spring greens and noodle stir fry. It’s a lovely light meal and yet somehow I’ve ended up with a stomach ache :-S (which is the reason for the late and somewhat brief post).
Despite the resultant stomach ache it was pretty tasty!

And now to what I hinted at earlier:

In the last few weeks I’ve definitely fallen off the exercise bandwagon and as a consequence I’m feeling tired and sluggish a lot of the time and I’m definitely not in “fighting shape”. My idea is to start ‘Fitness Fridays’ where I make a (rough) plan of my exercise for the following week in order to motivate me to workout as I’ll be held accountable by all of you! I’ll also do a recap of the previous week so that I can see whether I’ve met my goals. Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things fairly quickly, I definitely want to get back into strength training several times a week as well as some more intensive cardio πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, as I said, I’m not feeling that great so I’m going to wait until tomorrow to actually plan my workouts for next week. I promise my goals will be up asap!

Sophie x



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