I’m Back!

Hello bloggies, I’m back from sunny Spain!

I have to say I really missed blogging this week, I’ve only been doing this for a week but it’s had quite a large effect on me. I love having something positive and productive to focus on and seeing that people are reading gives me immense satisfaction :-). I’m definitely going to carry on for the foreseeable future!
I’m looking very slightly tanned as it was on average about 32°C and even reached 37°C (way too hot in my opinion!). It was a lovely break, we stayed in Andalucia, in southern Spain, in a cute little cottage near the coast. The accommodation was pretty good, we had a brilliant outdoor space with an outdoor sitting room and a little pool which was great for cooling down in. We had a fantastic time, the area was full of interesting places to visit and we ate some absolutely delicious food! Full recaps with photos will be up next week 🙂

Having said that, being home feels lovely. I’m definitely the kind of person who prefers home to away and I do quite like my daily routines 😛

Breakfast today was pretty simple because we didn’t have much food in the house seeing as how we had only gotten back at 11pm last night.

Weetabix mush with milk and topped with blueberries and a dusting of cinnamon :-). My favourite!

And as I’ve been away for a week today obviously had to be a meet-up day with the Boyfriend :-). It’s only been a week but before that Tom was away for 2 weeks so it feels lovely to be together again. This weekend I promise I will do a post to properly introduce him!

We went into town and bought lunch to have outside in the not-so-sunny weather 😛

I got cous cous with butternut squash, dried fruit, pomegranate seeds, lettuce, spicy chicken pieces and a minty yogurt sauce. Delicious!

We then took a trip to Starbucks and got comfy window seats to people watch (one of my favourite hobbies :-P)

My usual skinny vanilla latte 🙂

I will be back later this evening with a new post idea, more on that later…

It’s good to be back!
Sophie x



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