What do you see in your future?

Hello again bloggies!

I stole borrowed this post idea from the lovely Jasmine who blogs at Eat Move Write. If you’ve never visited her blog then I strongly urge you to, she’s a fantastic writer and her posts are both entertaining and thought-provoking!

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In Five Years…

What will be your favorite hobby?

Photography, I’ll have bought some exciting new lenses, like a macro lens, and will hopefully have improved lots! (Obviously I’ll still bake :-P)

What’s in your refrigerator?

Mostly vegetarian stuff hopefully. Lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies, especially raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, courgettes, avocados and spinach. Milk and greek yogurt. Maybe tofu? Hummous. Other dips and spreads. Fruit juice.

What will your fashion look like?

I have no idea, probably not that different from now. Maybe a few more tailored pieces? Maybe even some work clothes…

In Ten Years…

Will you still be blogging?

Who can say? I hope so! It’s so fulfilling that I can’t imagine wanting to stop but you never know with life. Maybe I’ll have a new blog and built up a huge blog following! (I can dream :-P)

What will your work day look like?

Wake up early, workout (I want to be one of those people!), eat a delicious breakfast, cycle to work, do productive and interesting things at work (whatever it is), cycle back from work, relax with my boyfriend, blog, read, cook, sleep!

What kind of car will you drive?

None! Or if not maybe one of those hybrid, eco-friendly cars? Maybe we’ll all drive electric cars!

In Twenty Years…

How old will you be?

Gosh, I’ll be 38!

Will you still be working?

Well something will have to be horribly wrong for me not to be able to work at 38! Maybe my hips will even be better :-). Even if I was a stay at home mum I’d still want to work on the side, probably write and maybe even train?!

What will your significant other look like?

Well… I’m going to pretend that I’m being reasonable and say who knows… but really I’m thinking he’ll be about 6ft, dark, fit, handsome, with gorgeous deep brown eyes and that smile that makes me giddy 😉 (I can’t imagine anyone else sorry! I promise I will introduce my guy on the blog when I get back!)

Now it’s your turn, what do you see in your future?

Sophie x

P.S. I’m missing you all in sunny Spain!



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