What I Ate Wednesday no.3 + Harry Potter!

Okay I apologise in advance, this post is going to be a little rushed!
You see it’s 10.30pm and I wake up to leave for Spain at 4am tomorrow morning so I really want to get some sleep asap 😛

Anyway lets now join the lovely Jenn for her fantastic WIAW 🙂



Even though today was a little busy I managed to take a few photos of my eats:

Breakfast was a very standard bowl of weetabix, milk, raspberries and blueberries. Standard but tasty!

Guess what…? My wonderful boyfriend came back from his holiday very early in the morning and yet he still came round to see me before I left for mine! Isn’t he the best 🙂

Lunch was also simple but tasty:

A toasted bagel and yet another tomato and avocado salad! I can’t help it, it’s so delicious (plus we needed to finish off what was in the fridge!).

After lunch the boyfriend (whose name is Tom by the way!) and I just relaxed and lounged around before heading off to go see… Harry Potter!! I was just a teeny tiny bit excited!

I have to say I was quite pleased with it. I’ve normally been super picky about the films so far because of all of the details they miss out from the books, but this time I didn’t really mind. The battle was EPIC. And yes I cried. Several times. 😛

Just look at that intensity!

Anywho I’d better say goodnight and goodbye as I need some sleep if I’m ever going to manage waking up at 4am tomorrow!
Don’t think I’m completely abandoning you though, I’ve got three posts scheduled over the next week so be sure to check in for those 🙂

See you in a week’s time!

Sophie x



  1. I’m very jealous about the Spanish voyage- I used to live in Madrid. I wish I were going! Have fun and please blog about it so I can live vicariously through you…

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