A trip to town

I have had enough of British weather! Thankfully I won’t have to endure it for much longer as I leave for sunny Spain on thursday (more on that tomorrow). It rained buckets again today although I suppose I should be grateful as I made it both to and from town without getting wet!

I slept in again this morning as I’m still feeling a bit sniffly and for me lots of sleep is the best way to get rid of a cold. Then I met my best friend, the lovely Maddie, in town to do a spot of holiday shopping and coffee drinking πŸ™‚

My regular skinny iced latte enjoyed in what is quickly becoming our regular coffee haunt!

We then wondered around town indulging a spot of window shopping:

If I had more money one thing I would definitely own a lot more of is cookbooks. I’ve got my eye on about five at the moment!

Lunch was bought from my favourite health food shop which has a lovely take-away food counter.

A whole wheat samosa stuffed with a tomato and lentil spicy mix. Pretty tasty!

When I got home I was feeling a bit drained as being on your feet for a few hours in town (even with our two breaks) takes a lot out of me, especially when I’m ill, so I decided I needed a pick-me-up! *Insert delicious yet simple, special treat smoothie here*

Banana, ice, milk aaand…a huge spoonful of nutella! Yummy πŸ™‚

I spent the remainder of the afternoon being mostly lazy: watched ‘Relocation Relocation’ on TV, planned some blog posts and did some blog reading.

Dinner was a slice of onion tart with rocket salad followed by strawberries and eaten with my mum and dad whilst we discussed the world and texted my sister (who is away on a camp).

Night night blogworld,
Sophie x



  1. Hey lovely,
    Thankyou so much for commenting on my blog because now I’ve found yours! Can’t believe I’ve never come across it before – it’s beautiful!
    I hope you feel better soon, there’s nothing worse than feeling full of a cold..at least you’re eating yummy food to cheer you up! That samosa sounds yum πŸ™‚

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