Cocktail Hour

First of all I have a confession to make. I’ve been a bad food blogger today. I haven’t taken a single picture of any of my meals. Sorry 😛

Sometimes life does get in the way and to be honest it’s been one of those days where meals aren’t eaten in the usual time frame and I’ve grazed a lot. I have however taken a few pictures of drinks and somehow I’ve even managed to get a photo of myself! In the end I was cheeky and didn’t brave the rain, I got a lift with my dad on the way in, it just absolutely poured down all morning without stopping! I met two fabulous girls (here’s your mention!) for coffee at costa, I got a skinny vanilla latte and it felt rather strange to be ordering a hot coffee in the middle of July! The weather really feels drab at the moment.

I ended up meeting with my mum to walk home from town so got in about 2 miles of walking in total which felt good after the past 3 days of driving to work.

My afternoon was spent relaxing and making a trip to Waitrose with my dad to get a few bits and bobs. I love going around food shops, I always want to buy all the new things I’ve never seen before and I love the bread section! It always smells so delicious!

I also did my first proper structured workout for days! It was inspired by a workout in this months’ Women’s Fitness  and went something like this:
Dumbbell squats – 12 reps
Treadmills – 20 secs
Burpees – 20 secs
Lunge jumps – 20 reps
Step sprints – 20 secs
Press-ups – 8 reps
All repeated through until you feel like collapsing (or in my case 3 sets, I really need to build my fitness back up to its pre-exam state!). It felt brilliant to exercise again though!

This evening my younger sister was out and so my parents and I decided to go for a drink at a pub near our house. I had two drinks, a vodka and orange and a cocktail called a Woo Woo (my dad got our drinks and I got a laugh from him having to order a drink with such a silly name!). It was really tasty 🙂

We also enjoyed some crisps which we shared between us, it’s been aaages since I munched on crisps and it felt pretty good to enjoy some junk food!

After the pub we went home to have dinner, which was risotto, and I actually tried to get a photo of it but it was so un-photogenic that I gave up! It’s lovely to be able to spend time with my parents. For many of my early teen years I was always either embarrassed to be seen with my parents, or else I got bored, and it’s so nice now to be able to just chat and actually have conversations where we are on the same level. I know for many people my age the idea of spending a Saturday evening with their parents sounds awful, but going out clubbing isn’t really possible for me, and anyway I’ve never been a wild one 😉

I hope you had a lovely Saturday too!

Sophie x


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