Simple Pleasures

Sunday’s are usually odd days for me, I both like and dislike them.

I like waking up and cycling to church, listening, worshipping with others and privately praying. It’s a sort of peace you don’t get any other day of the week.

Whilst I was out, my mum put these lovely flowers in my room. It sure made me smile when I walked in 🙂

But then usually by the time lunch is over you know how soon Monday is and you either lament the end of the weekend or you spend the afternoon rushing around crazily trying to do everything you meant to do earlier in the weekend. I hate that kind of feeling.

However since I have now finished with college neither that sense of disappointment in the weekend ending, nor that mad rush manifests itself. And you know what? It’s lovely. In fact, so lovely that I am determined that later in life, when Sunday afternoon does mean returning to routine the next day, I am still going to make sure I enjoy it. Because I’ve come to realise that for the past few years I’ve wasted a whole afternoon each week and life isn’t long enough to waste so much precious time!

Today was fairly bright in terms of weather so we decided to have a bbq for lunch and then, as luck would have it, it decided to pour with rain for the 20 mins my dad was standing outside grilling the chicken! Of course it promptly stopped afterwards 😛

My mother makes the most delicious salads:

I then spent the rest of the afternoon as I pleased (still can’t quite get over the sense of freedom and leisure!) and just read for hours. I really missed reading when I had my exams but now that I have the time again I find a huge deal of pleasure in just lazing on my bed and escaping into a good book 🙂

Sophie x



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